Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back and Baffled

Hi all. Yes, we are still alive even though the blogsite doesn't show it. I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted last. We had a GREAT time in Saline and I will be sharing some pictures of our time there soon.

Just letting you all know that we are back in Longview though. We close on our house the 30th and are still oblivious as to our next step. So, we are just still praying and waiting. Some of the things that we had been praying about concerning our stay in Saline...we saw definite answers to. God moved greatly and it was very obviously Him. So, it's not that we aren't hearing from Him at all, which is encouraging. Here's the deal...sometimes God gives you directions as you are approaching the intersection, sometimes it's as you are stopped at the intersection, and sometimes He seems to make you sit at that intersection for a bit before He gives you clear direction. We seem to be in the last category these days. :) So, we'll let you know our plans as soon as we know and will continue to keep you posted. Again, pictures to come soon, but here are a few that were taken right before our trip to Saline (there were about 3 more that I planned to put on here, but wasn't able to get them to upload...maybe tomorrow you will get to see those too):

Grady took this picture of me while I was exercising. Isn't that funny? Don't you just love those squats, esp. when you are pregnant? Anyhow, just thought you might want to see a good shot of the belly, although it's a loose-fitting t-shirt so maybe you can't see it all that well. I will be 28 weeks on Friday, by the way, and feeling great. This baby seems to be about to punch his/her way through...he/she is SO active. It's so fun.

Hadley trying on Daddy's hat.

"We love Veggie Tales!"

This is Dennis Lee. He was at every church children's camp I went to when I was little...and then at the same camp when I worked there as a college student. He's a ventriloquist and is AWESOME. He was in Longview a couple of weeks ago doing a VBS, so we took the kids to see his show one night. They loved it, esp. Grady...he just sat there wide-eyed with mouth open the whole time. :)


Ali Elam said...

Wow, you are in your last trimester! Great news that you close on your house on the 30th! Can't wait to hear about your next step! God will lead you guys perfectly! :)

Mama said...

Well, Dennis Lee grew up and looks like a man. I still pictured him as he was at Camp Harris. I gave Camp Harris all the info. about him and his ministry. Maybe someday they will get him back.