Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ready Again

Now that my headache is just a normal headache and not one of those crazy headaches from Satan himself, I am once again ready to have this baby. Yay!! I did have to take some Tylenol this morning and I also took some Sudafed (since there has been speculation all along that it could just be some sinus issue). I'm not sure which one helped, but my head got better...and both are o.k. to take in pregnancy, so we're o.k. there. Still would rather take nothing at all, but as long as they aren't so bad that I need the ibuprofen, we are doing alright.

Some of you have asked about what is going on in the missions area of our lives. The first thing we needed to do is get set up with someone/some organization to handle all of our finances (support coming in and such). Joel has been very busy the whole time we've been back in Texas researching our options in that dept. and we have really narrowed it down and believe we have found our sending agency. So, we're very excited to have gotten that accomplished and we're also very excited about the sending agency we are probably going with. I'll tell you more about them whenever it is finalized. But, that's where we are with everything. Still much to be done for sure.

So, as I was saying, I am once again ready to have a new little one. So, just keep that in your prayers. Thanks so much for your prayers concerning my head. We are SO THANKFUL that it's better. Please continue to remember my head and now add on the birth too. :) Thanks.


Mama said...

I am READY too. The other two grandchildren are so great I can't wait for the third. I've always heard how "grand" grandchildren are but now I know for myself. Glad you are better. Maybe the delivery will be soon.
Love y'all!

Life en la Casa de Lidia! said...

Praise the Lord, Michawn! I am so glad that you are doing better and excited to have that little one.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are good to go for a baby delivery! I'll be praying! :)

Ali Elam said...

I forgot to put my name on my previous post! You and Joel will be in my prayers and you prepare for labor and birth!