Saturday, September 16, 2006

Out Of It

Today has been a VERY relaxing day for me. I got up with the kids around 7 or so. But, then Joel got up and I went to bed again around 10. I slept until almost 1. We put the kids down and I took a shower. Then, I went back to bed and read and relaxed until the kids woke up. It's been nice.

Yesterday I got all the last things we will need for the birth. I also did laundry. The only bummer about the guest house we are staying in is that there is no washer/dryer. So sad and inconvenient, esp. with toddlers, a home birth, and a newborn coming. For instance, when I got back from the laundrymat yesterday, the kids had leaked on their sheet during their nap. Laundry is neverending, but if that's the only inconvenience we have, we are doing mighty fine. We can deal with the laundry. But, back to what I was all the last things needed and went to the laundrymat.

So, I guess after a week's worth of working, working, working, my body was telling me to go to bed. All of the "stuff" we need is here and there are 8 meals in the freezer (that's all that would fit).

I've also felt very nauseous today...just yucky. I've hardly eaten, which is very odd for me. :)

Anyhow, just a quick little update. There is a worship concert at church tonight that we will be going to...I plan to go anyway. It'll be really good I'm sure. And, childcare provided...always a great thing.

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