Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bathrooms Are Gross

Yes, the 2nd thing that I don't enjoy...bathrooms. For those of you who know me well, you probably guessed that.

Public restrooms are just not cool. I think that most people across the board agree with me in their opinion of public restrooms. Most of the people who are thinkers in this world don't enjoy public restrooms.

When I was going through my germ-freakout phase, I wouldn't even step into a public restroom. Nowadays, I can use them of course, but I don't enjoy it. I can't provide a list of reasons like I did with the dogs...they are just nasty, that's all there is to it. But, I can give you an example of one thing that is just not acceptable to me: toilet water...on me.

Here's how it works: The new-fangled gadgets called automatic flushers, which were, in theory, supposed to be cleaner and more convenient I suppose...well, some tend to be so powerful that they spray water all up on you as they go off. If you are still sitting on the toilet, that means that you get nasty toilet water all up on your hiney. And, if your hiney isn't completely covering the bowl, you also get it up on your back and clothes as well. Lovely.

In attempts to avoid nasty toilet water on my hiney and back and clothes, when I hear the bowl about to go off flushing, I jump up and practically hug the door (although I don't really hug the door...I try not to touch anything in public restrooms, so no hugging of the door allowed). The problem with this is this...and it's happened to me on several occasions: The flushing system on these suckers are just so dang powerful that it goes outside the toilet bowl to the surrounding areas...even as far as the door...which, therefore, again...nasty toilet water on me (although, in this position, on my legs and feet). Again, lovely.

I don't enjoy anything about toilets, accept that they do generously provide a place to relieve yourself. But, I just don't enjoy them, even my own toilet. I don't even touch my own toilet. I think that most people are probably fine with constantly being in contact with their own toilet (and by this I mean leaning up against it, touching the lids and such with their hands without washing their hands, etc....touching it other than using it to go pee pee or poo poo), but not something I do...it is for waste...not interested in touching it. But, that's just me. The toilet itself (the outside of it) may not be dirty...but, then again, maybe it is dirty. I'd just rather not touch.

Also, people who don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom...um, disgusting. I even know girls who will change their tampon and never wash their hands. HELLO!! I mean, people...please wash your hands. You are spreading germs everywhere you go. And that is not the part of me speaking that was once considered a germaphobic...that is just plain common sense, Cleanliness 101. Washing your hands after you go to the bathroom (peeing, pooing...anything) is just a basic. If not for you, do it out of consideration for others. I've seriously known people who got sick and had to be hospitalized because of failure to wash hands after bathroom activity (for instance, a baby that was in a nursery with a sick kid...the caretakers weren't washing their hands after changing poo diapers and passed on a sickness that was serious).

Also, as far as bathrooms and me go, I'm sure it doesn't help that I've been trained in sterile technique. You see, if you touch something dirty, whatever part of your body (your index finger for example) you touched it with is now dirty also and shouldn't touch anything else unless you want to contaminate some more. So, therefore if you touch something dirty with your right index finger, you wouldn't want to turn on the water faucet using your right index finger...follow me? If you used your right index finger to turn on the faucet, then the faucet would be dirty...and therefore if you turned off the faucet without cleaning it first, you would cancel out the hand-washing that you just did. See what I'm saying?

Anyhow, just wanted to finish up my rantings and ravings about the 2 things that I have always found to be nasty and therefore don't enjoy...O.K., yes, I despise.

Now, on to new things in the next post.


steph said...

Ponder this: Would you lick a toliet seat for 1 million dollars?

Michawn said...

Depends on the toilet seat. And, to what extent I would have to lick. And, if I did, I would definitely hold my tongue out for some major disinfectant/sanitizer whatever to be poured on my tongue over and over again. It wouldn't be pleasant, that's for sure, but 1 million dollars...that can go a long way.

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh. i hate public restrooms too.. nasty nasty nasty... but i have to say when im in the middle of walmart and i have to crap, thank GOD for public restrooms... so im torn..

Ali Elam said...

Hey Michawn! I need a pregnancy update! I know you are getting really close! When do you see your midwife again? Are you dilating?Any baby preparations or nesting going on? How are you feeling pregnancy wise? Can't wait for an update! :)

SUZ said...

And I thought the dog one was a scream!!! Can't wait to show you know who that one! Love keeping up with you. btw...i'd lick the seat for the $$$$.

Mama said...

I am so proud to have indoor plumbing, running water, bathrooms, etc. Just think about outdoor toilets (ballpark in earlier days) when you use an actual commode. Of course, I don't really rub around or connect with the commode unless I'm cleaning it. This fits in with your germ thing. I KNEW you were a little different in that area - not just the "nurse thing". You are doing much better. The more children you have the better you become at relaxing. About dogs - Sons usually want a dog at some point in their lives. Daughters too, I guess. I like dogs "over there" but just "suck it up" to allow my family to have dogs.
Hope you are feeling well - am getting very anxious!
Love y'all!

Michawn said...

Yeah, don't think we'll ever have a dog. I used to think we would eventually, but I would be miserable...therefore, the kids wouldn't be happy either. No dogs. We'll have other pets. And, thank God I am over the "germ thing"...dogs and bathrooms have nothing to do with that though...they are just nasty...it's a common sense thing.