Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Angelina Lips

I was just thinking this morning how I felt like I have Angelina lips. Unfortunately, I don't really have those beautiful lips, but I feel like I do. The last couple of months of pregnancy for me, I always just feel like even my lips are huge, even though in reality they aren't. I feel like I can't talk right...maybe even like my tongue is swollen or something. It's weird and maybe not reality, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, today I went to the midwife. By the way, an update is that I still have no dilation, but am now about 60% effaced. The baby's head, which was "way down there" last week, is now up high again...normal for babies other than your first (to bob up and down).

Anyhow, Mama got a treat. I went by myself today. Sometimes Joel and the kids go too, but not today. The ultrasound people were there today testing out a new ultrasound machine. It's apparently way more high-tech than the one they had previously. Well, I was asked if I wanted to be a guinea pig and I said sure. So, I got to see the little one again...for free. It was really fun. I've always just seen one ultrasound at around 20 weeks with each one. It was fun to get to see this one so well developed and basically ready to come out. I even got to see a 3-D image of his/her little face. And, lo and behold, he/she has Angelina lips. :) Now, could be that this poor little one is very smushed and therefore the lips are a little poked out looking. But, definitely some pokey lips. It was super cute.

The ultrasound machine was really cool. They could even set it to where the amniotic fluid around the baby's nostrils was colored a little...and we could see the baby breathing the fluid in and out of its nostrils.

We can't wait to meet this little one with pokey lips.


Ali Elam said...

Wow, a 3D pic for free! That's awesome! :) Can you post the pic for us on your blog!?! :)

Mama said...

Who is Angelina? I always felt like my whole face was puffed up - I really think mine was. Your nose and lips both get bigger. It's so wonderful after the baby is born to have a normal face.

Michawn said...

Angelina Jolie...and no...I can't post the pic on the web...I didn't get a pic. I just saw it on the screen. No take-home pictures.

Ali Elam said...

Bet it was an awesome experience a sneak peak of your little one just days before you give birth! :)