Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Goodbye Boston

We are headed back to Louisiana this afternoon. We will be there until Friday or Saturday at which point we will head on over to the Longview area (Kilgore to be precise).

While in Saline, we will be checking out the housing situation. We have been offered a wonderful house to live in on the lake until we go to Brazil. We are so grateful for this offer and we love our neighbors there (the owners of the house offered). But, we are also checking out, as I've mentioned before, the possibility of long-term housing there in Saline...a house to buy. So, be remembering us in that the next few days if you will. It would have to be God (financially), but if it's of Him, He will provide.

Once in Kilgore, we will be busy at work preparing for baby. We are staying in another great house there offered by some really great people from our church. It's amazing how God has provided such wonderful houses through such wonderful and generous people. Please be remembering us in the preparation for the baby and the birth of the baby also. My due date is Oct. 6th, but the end of Sept. is sounding really nice to me. :) My friend Mitsy's birthday is Sept. 28th...I've always liked the sound of that date. :) But, whatever God has...I'm not one to "rush" a birth just because it is more convenient...it would be nice though. :)

We are also in need of a birthing pool/tub. Not sure how many of you that read this are into the whole natural, drug-free birth using water, but if you have any recommendations at all for a great birthing tub, please let me know.

O.K., off to pack up. Hope you had a great Labor Day.


Anonymous said...

i love the date september 24th.... that would be a great day to have the little on one michawn.. then they could share a birthday with me!!! love you


Ali Elam said...

How about baby # 3 arrives on Sept. 25th...I love my birthday and so would your baby! :)

Anonymous said...

September 24 is very good! That is your Uncle Leslie's birthday!
Aunt Marilyn<><

mitspah said...

I've always liked September 28, too. I'm glad you remembered!! I'll be happy to share if that's when the little one decides to make its grand entrance. :-)


Anonymous said...

I know of a great birthing tub...I spell it
E P I D U R A L!!!! :)

You know I love you and think you are a rock star for giving birth without my friend, the adorable Indian anethesiologist!

Love you and cant wait to see ya!!