Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nesting is For Real

I used to think that the thing people called "nesting" was a bit overexaggerated. I mean, yes, you get things ready and together, but that's just the smart thing to do. It's's responsible.

But, since I've not been able to "nest" this pregnancy, I have come to realize that, for me anyway, it is a very real need, not just a nice thing to do. I enjoyed my time in Saline and Boston and Brazil and then Boston and Saline again. But, I was very ready to get back to the Longview area (Kilgore to be precise) and nest.

On Sunday we got to the guest house where we are staying until after the baby is born. It is so cute and nice...we LOVE it. We wish it was portable and we could just take it wherever we go here in the states.

The first thing I did was unpack our suitcases completely. We've had our suitcases out and packed since we left for Dallas back in March...hello...that's a long time. I was itching to put those things away (the suitcases that is). I am very grateful for suitcases...they serve a great purpose. But, I definitely won't miss them for the next few weeks.

So, the past 3 days these are some of the things I've been doing:
1. setting up house - really about done with that except for the kitchen; but, it has been a lot of work for just a few weeks; I even put in drawer liners in the bathroom; I mean, I've been setting up house
2. went to the midwife on Monday afternoon - for those of you needing an update, I am perfectly healthy; the head is "way down there" in my pelvis; my cervix is soft, but no dilation or effacement yet; I have started to take some herbs...not to induce labor, but just to try to get my cervix more progressed for when labor does would be nice to have some nice dilation and effacement before labor begins; on Friday, I will be 3 weeks away from my due date
3. went grocery shopping - had 2 carts full; this house was without some basics that we didn't bring along (pots/pans, measuring cups/spoons, etc.); I also got some stuff for the home birth and food for meals for the next couple of weeks
4. went grocery shopping again - planned out some meals to make to freeze for after the baby comes...had to go get everything for that; we are also putting the kids on a major schedule...they've always had a good routine, but we are really structuring their day (the information we read about structuring your child's day is found in the Toddlerwise book by the Ezzo's)...we've found that kids are fine and parenting is much more easy when you just pop in a video and let your kids veg. all day long, but usually they are SO FUSSY; and, you don't really spend time with them; don't get me wrong, videos are nice when you are super busy and don't have an option (one parent at home with the kids and also trying to pack up a house), but right now is a great time to get this whole structure down and hopefully reduce/eliminate the fussing, since Joel is home now too and we won't be traveling anymore for the next few weeks; so anyway, I got some things for that
5. ordering things for the birth - the spa-n-a-box came a couple of days ago (our birthing's a portable hot tub) and ordering the birth kit, etc.
6. making the new schedule for the kids and putting it all on a dry-erase board
7. making all the meals to freeze - I started a couple of hours ago and have one in the freezer and 2 more in progress...I have a total of 10 to do, although I'm not sure they will all fit in the freezer :(

Anyhow, other piddly stuff, but you get the idea...nesting galore. glad to finally be able to do it. Just really hope that I get everything done and get my fill of nesting before the little one comes...I'm sure I will.

Welp, off to nest some more.


Ali Elam said...

Fun nesting update! I totally believe nesting is legit! I think its a late pregnancy burst of energy that helps you get prepared for baby! :) I also agree on structuring you childs day! It helps them know what to expect and helps them be content! :)

Life en la Casa de Lidia! said...

The whole nesting thing hit me hard :) I was in labor and I was scrubbing floors, doing laundry and cleaning kitchen :) It was a great way to keep me focused on other things.

I love you! Keep us updated on that little one.

steph said...

Hey Michawn,
I came across a blog of a pregnant girl that has been interesting to read. Check it out

Ali Elam said...

Be sure to update your blog asap after your home-water birth! I'll be checking for the baby news! Praying for a safe and quick delivery!

PhxAmy said...

I sure hope your due date is more accurate than mine. I'm still waiting on my little one to show up. Based on my original due date I will be at 42 weeks this Sunday -not an easy place to be!