Friday, December 05, 2008

Prayers for Cass

She's getting so big, right?

We have a couple of Cass-related things to take care of today.

1. We went to the pediatrician the other day (I'll blog about it at some point) and the doctor heard a murmur when listening to Cass. It was a slight murmur and lots of times murmurs are considered 'normal' and nothing to fret over in the least. But, we will be going in to see it on the big screen (ultrasound) tomorrow morning. Pray that it truly is nothing.

Also, she was sick today. She ran a fever mid-day and then after the fever was gone, vomited several times tonight and just laid on me constantly. Then the switch was flipped (as it seemed) and she was playing and crawling around on the floor, squealing with excitement (at 11pm). Just pray that it doesn't come back. Not only is it just yucky period, but we have that ultrasound as mentioned...then after the ultrasound we will be traveling...

2. Brasilia. We have to get Cass registered as an American and also request a passport for her. She can't come to the states with us if she doesn't have one. :) We'd kind of like for her to come along. Seriously, we had this on the to-do list for when Joel was on a break from Asas in January...but now, with the trip, it is a MUST. And this is cutting it close. It takes about 2 weeks to get the passport. So, if it comes 2 weeks from tomorrow, that will be on the 19th, a Friday. What if it doesn't come then? Well, hopefully it would come in on that Monday. But, that Monday is the 22nd...the day we fly out of Brazil. Yikes. Yeah...everything needs to go smoothly. And they require a WOW amount paperwork and proof that she is, in fact, our daughter. Understandable, but also very stressful. We have it all, we think. We are even taking the birth video. :) Just pray that our visit with the people at the embassy would be smooth and that we would have favor there. We are Americans, it is an American embassy...but unfortunately, their reputation preceeds them...and they are not always the most helpful of people from what we hear. We actually have experienced it firsthand (#6), so we're a little skiddish. Anyway, just pray that it go well and that everything just goes off without a hitch this time. Thanks so much.

Look at this cutie that you are praying for today.

Sportin' some of the big bro's whitie tighties. Thanks, Daddy! ;) Oh, and Happy Birthday, Uncle Tucker!! Love you and see you soon!!

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Us said...

Michawn, Sara was born with Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. They told us before we took her home (the cardiologist saw her at 2 days old...) that it was mild and to bring her back at 12 weeks. We took their word for it, b/c heart murmurs run in my family. Anyway, I finally looked it up at 11 weeks what that was and freaked out. Most babies with this die before 9 weeks. Anyway, she has seen a cardiologist periodically since...we were told it was a permanent condition. Well, her last app't was in September. The same cardiologist she's always seen said it disappeared. He had no explanation. He even did another ultrasound to confirm. Point is I understand your concern, I am praying for her and God does miracles! Sara no longer has to have antibiotics before dental and medical procedures or ever see her cardiologist problems what so ever!