Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have a prayer request.

This may seem silly.

It's not.

It may seem that way.

Especially coming from Brazil, where we have the climate and weather we do.

But, again...not silly. You'll see why.

Here's the deal.

We need some sun. We DON'T need rain.

It's rained for about 3 days straight now. I have absolutely no idea how we will be ready to leave on Monday (yes, we vamoose, skat, high-tail it to the USA in 5 days) if this continues.

I have 4 loads of laundry, soaking wet...can't dry. I have about 5 more loads that still need to be washed.

We woke up this morning with Cass's room in a big puddle. :) God is so sweet to us. We had a big leak, but instead of the leak being over our books, or our boxes that are yet to be unpacked, or our clothes packed away in suitcases as storage, or Cass's new (used, but new to us) closet with her clothes in it...instead of those places, the leak was right above our weather-proof rocker. Guess what stuff on the floor got wet, even though there was quite a lot of water in that room under the leak...NOTHING...just the rocker. We were amazed.

Our neighbors aren't so lucky. Joel broke out the umbrella to go borrow some eggs this morning. :) They had a leak in the closet that got clothes wet AND they now have mold issues in there.

So, for real...pray for some sun and for the rain to stop. We have so much to do already to get ready to go without these issues. Thanks so much.

By the way, Joel climbed up in the roof and was able to fix the leak. Thank You, Jesus!

Now, for a way to dry the clothes...put your praying caps on!


A. said...

I'm praying! Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!!!!

Oh...and the number on monday was 199.5. I'm pretty sure I should be on suicide watch! LOL just kidding but it's bad and I have a LOT of work ahead of me. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Father, we ask that all the clothes will get dried. Let there be sun. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wet clothes would be too heavy to bring--weight limits on planes and yucky. But, hey, we can wash and dry clothes in Saline so just bring them dirty if you have too.:)
Love y'all!
Aunt Marilyn