Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He Heard You

I just got back in from gathering 5 loads of laundry from the lines. Around 2PM the heavens opened...literally (O.K., I guess it was literally the clouds) reveal some blue skies and a wonderfully warm sun. There were clouds all around...both black and white ones. But, I got all the clothes out and they had about an hour and a half to get dry out in the glorious sunshine.

About 4:30, the sky got completely black again and it started thundering. I hustled to gather up the mostly dry clothes and now it is once again pouring out there.

So, 5 loads dry. One load still wet (but newly wet...will be O.K. for a while). And 4 more loads to get washed in the next few days (plus what we use between now and then of course). I think we'll be O.K. If I need a break from the rain for laundry purposes in the next few days though, I know just who to call on. You people know what you are doing! ;)

Seriously, I think that God just stopped the rain here in Brazil just for me. He totally knows when we are just about to snap and go "Narf!" (Veggie Tales Esther reference). What a great Guy we kind and caring.

Thanks so much for your prayers...for real! Just wanted to update you and let you know how they were answered. Pretty cool.


Nicole said...

Yea!! Hannah and I prayed this morning!! Even Jesus wants you coming to the USA with some clean, dry clothes! :)

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Melissa Terry said...

I have been praying and I'll keep praying for grace as you prepare, that His angels would go before you, and strength for the journey!

We are so excited for you guys!