Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Been Cra-Zy

This is going to be really quick and I'll explain fully later. But, basically we are stuck in Brazil. We were supposed to be in Louisiana by now. We are in Belo Horizonte.

We are making the most of it, but the earliest flight out is tomorrow night. We will arrive at noon on Christmas Day instead...2 days later than planned. Sadly (so so so so so sadly), we will miss my family's big Christmas celebration. Some of my family that travels in for that get-together will have already left by the time we get there.

Again, we are making the most of it and even having fun...how can we not with the fabulous, funny kids we have, who by the way, amazed me in their flexibiliy and teamwork last night as we didn't even fall into a bed until after 5am this morning after spending all night in airports. They are super cool, I have to say. But, even though we are making the most of it, and even though we are actually staying in a very nice hotel (thanks for the lollipop, God), as you can imagine, this isn't exactly where we wish to be.

Pray that everything else from this point out will just be incredibly smooth. We have 1 flight down, 3 to go (from here to Miami, to Dallas, to Shreveport). Thank God for provision, for our health, for the kids' compliance, and for just fun in the midst of less than ideal circumstances.

Thanks you guys. Love you.



Stephanie said...

great attitude! you sound like that lockwood woman! ha haha!

Anonymous said...

Grace, grace to you-again in this change or less than ideal situation.There is joy to be found in every situation,sometimes one has to 'hunt' to find it and indeed you have! Your children are going to believe this kind of living is normal and pity people who live 'boring' lives. I pray some how you get to see all your relatives even with your delayed arrival. Pam

The Brodines said...

so sorry...will be praying for you guys!

Love ya

Haley Frederick said...

Yuck! I'll be praying you make it to Saline without any other delays. Hope you guys have fun once you get there!

Luke said...

Lord, please make everything else go perfectly smoothly. Bring blessing through these bumps along the way. Amen.


Jen Sprayberry said...

Merry Christmas! So sorry about the rough travels. We will be praying for you!