Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cass's Heart and Brasilia - Check; Moving - Here We Go

Thanks so much for your prayers.

Cass's heart checked out just far as we know. :) The doctor (radiologist I guess) said everything looked normal. Not sure why the murmur then, but we'll see what the pediatrician has to say. No biggie though...that was good. I was never really worried, but I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and was just kind of curious if she maybe had it too. That was a negative though...yay. And, just a sidenote...I've never really had symptoms...just the occasionally flutter. The only surgery I've ever had (the D&C after my miscarriage...first pregnancy in Dec. 2002 for those of you who didn't know or don't remember), my heart activity on the monitors sent the nurses out to the waiting room to ask Joel frantically if I had any heart issues. :) Oops...apparently it truly is pretty asymptomatic since I completely forgot to even tell them before surgery. :) But, I went to the cardiologist right before coming to Brasil, just for a check and what little symptoms I did have are now basically gone. I will always keep a check on it, but it was just really cool to have that gift. (and so cool, Susan, about your little girl...thanks for sharing)

After the heart check, we were off to Brasilia. We were not turned away at the gate this time and turns out that once you get in, they are actually really pretty darn nice. :) It all went VERY smoothly (again, thank you so much for your prayers). Here's the scary part. Like I said last night (actually, early this morning...oh, no, it is now, early yesterday morning...eeesh), it will take 2 weeks to get the passport...that is the average. Since our appointment wasn't until today in the afternoon, we were told that the process probably wouldn't actually get started until first thing Monday morning. So, that puts us at Dec. 22nd getting the passport. We can pick it up between 2pm and 4pm that day. Guess what folks? We fly out (from Brasilia...that same city) at 8pm that night. I said...cutting it close. That really is a tad bit stressful, so you can continue to pray for that. But, I'm pretty confident that it will all work out too.

And, now we are off to the next thing on the checklist for this weekend...the BIG MOVE. We've been packing up and basically it is almost all done. We've been here in this apartment about 5 weeks. It's been fun. We'll miss it in some ways. But, I am SO EXCITED about the house we are moving to (although we REALLY hate to see our friends who were living in that house go...bittersweet...we will really miss them). I really do love it and can't wait to get all settled in. It will be interesting to see what all we can do in the next 2 weeks before we leave for the states. I'll keep you posted I'm sure.

Not sure how soon we will have the internet hooked up over there. Could be immediately...I really don't know (Joel's job and he's sleeping so I can't ask him). But, I will post again soon and let you know how it went. I know the kids are just going to go hog wild with all the space they will have...inside the house and out. So fun.

We head over in a few hours (Saturday morning). Moves are so much work, aren't they? We will be working non-stop today, so again I must ask...keep us in your prayers. Thanks. I'll post pictures of the house soon. So, so cute.


Us said...

That's great about Cass! No matter how mild something is it can cause concern...and 1 more thing to worry about! If I remember correctly Sara still has "benign" murmur (the noise is there but her heart is normal...but the stenosis (it pumped the wrong way and was narrowed) is gone. Most kids outgrow beinign murmurs. That may be what they're hearing with Cass...

Have fun moving and flying home.

Anonymous said...

I had a heart murmur when I was about 13. It eventually went away. Praying that everything will fall into place and that the passport will arrive before the
22nd. I'm getting so anxious!! Cass is so pretty. Can't wait to hold them all!!! Hope Eissa and Cass "warm up to me". Well, I better go to bed. Have so much to do "today" - Saturday. Classwork and housework.

Steph said...

"Prais'a the Lord'a!! I been a prayin somethin fearce." seriously, i have and am soooo excited all turned out well for Cass and the embassy thing...gotta still pray though on that:)

can't wait...wooohoooooo

Steph said...

Oh and Mrs. Nina......they'll warm up so quick you won't get anything done for days cause they won't get outta your lap:)

Stephanie said...

I hadn't read your last two post this morning when we were chatting. I'm so glad Cass is okay!! Thanks for all your advice and making me laugh. Sometimes laughter is exactly what I need!

Good luck with the move.

Ronnie and Leah said...

We were told by Elijah's pediatrician in Longview that he had a slight murmur. She said it was nothing to worry about, that some children have slight murmurs that resolve themselves without any trouble. These are especially common in girls!

Jen Sprayberry said...

Great news about Cass. Madi had a small heart issue when she was little but it closed up all on it's own. Can't wait to see the new digs!

Anonymous said...

hey don't worry to much about the murmur Savannah has 2 of them and her cardiologist in Dallas said that they used to worry about them but they don't anymore it is just a common thing hope everything goes okay with the passport. we will see yall soon.

Anissa & Family