Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Cards This Year

Oh, how I love the hustle and bustle!!

I think we might have to extend the Christmas festivities until at least mid-January since we aren't getting there until 2 days before Christmas. Maybe we can throw an extra Thanksgiving in there somewhere too. :) Ha ha ha.

Alisha nailed my next post on the head with her recent comment. (seriously, homeschool update is next)

Remember we LOVE getting Christmas cards, so please, SEND US ONE! And the fun thing this year, since WE ARE COMING TO THE STATES (I'm still shouting that phrase out a lot these days), is that you can mail them to us there. So easy, right? That's our focus...making life easier for you. ;)

So, send them to:

Joel and Michawn Ebersole
P.O. Box 42
Saline, LA 71070

Thanks so much!


Jen Sprayberry said...

Woo-hoo!!! Are you coming to Granbury or are we coming to LA? Just let us know. Can't wait.

Ali said...

I'm so excited for you and the fam! It will be so fun for your kids to see your big old fun loving extended family in good old Saline! I bet you are seriously busy getting packed, moved, unpacked, settled and preparing for your trip home!

I know a million and one people will want to see you while you are stateside! If you have time let us know! We'd love to be on the list!

Thanks for your christmas card address!

~ Ali

Matt and Meredith said...

I'm thinking about homeschooling and you are motivating me. I can't imagine someone else teaching Merrae. I mean, I'm sure there's stuff she could learn from them that she can't learn from me, but I'd like to be the main one teaching her the majority. Keep us updated. I'm encouraged.

I hope I can see you during your visit! Do you think we can? Will you be in the Dallas area? I'll also be in Houston from about the 20th through the New Year.

Maybe I can come to Louisiana. I need to go visit Stephanie too. Maybe I can stay at her place. Don't know....LONG drive with two kids! Yikes.