Saturday, December 20, 2008

EvangeCubes and Santa Catarina

Things are going well...thanks for praying. We are slowly packing up and actually having a nice, somewhat relaxing weekend after all the craziness of these past few weeks. We got a call on Thursday that Cass's passport is ready to be picked up...Praise the Lord! So, we will head to Brasilia on Monday, pick up the passport, and board a plane. Please pray for us as we travel with 4 little ones...a trip that will involve 2 car rides lasting more than 2 hours, 4 flights, multiple layovers, and over 24 hours of travel total. We will arrive in Louisiana on Tuesday. I will not be posting any more until after we get there sometime, but wanted to update you on something else and give you something to pray for (besides our trip :) ).

Remember this post way back in May? My friends Brock and Auny contacted me right after that post and said they wanted to provide the EvangeCubes for us. What a blessing!! Brock and Auny actually host a Party With a Purpose every month. Each month they pick a 'purpose' and ask all their friends over. They (or a guest) present a need and they all fill that need...right then and there. Can we say incredible? Talk about being the hands and feet of Christ. Oh, and they also do full-time ministry, traveling around the world, in their spare time. ;)

They put together a Party With a Purpose for the EvangeCubes back in June. We were able to order them and have them brought to us by our friends Neil and Michael (from a couple of posts ago) back in October. With Ester's traveling (you'll meet her below) and our moving, we finally delivered them to Asas last week and wanted to show you that in action.

We thank you so much Brock, Auny, and friends!! You are so generous and many will come to know Jesus because of it. Love you guys!!

I'm not sure if you guys heard of all the flooding that went on, last month especially, in the state of Santa Catarina here in Brazil. You can click on the picture to enlarge it and see Santa the very south of the nation (right above Rio Grande do Sul). There was much flooding and many lives least 116 from a report I saw printed at the beginning of December.

Asas de Socorro quickly put together a team last week and they went down to help this week. With our trip, Joel was unable to go this time, but hopes to go, if possible, on another trip down this spring. There are hundreds of thousands of people displaced and it will take much time and resources to get people back on their feet. Our team took down lots of donations and will be doing medical/dental outreach as well as children's ministry there within the camps where people are living now. They will be using none other than the EvangeCubes while they are there too. I also wanted to share a few videos related to Santa Catarina. The videos related to the EvangeCubes will be first, then the Santa Catarina videos. Also, check out the really awesome new video on my sidebar all about Asas de Socorro.

So, over the next few days, enjoy your Christmas...and also think about and pray for all the others who will be having a very different Christmas this year...who might not be so warm and cozy, drinking hot chocolate around an elaborately decorated Christmas tree.

Heading in the Asas de Socorro headquarters building with the EvangeCubes.

Delivering the EvangeCubes to the AMDE office.

A word of thanks from Ester, head of the medical/dental/evangelistic outreach department here at Asas de Socorro.

A news report aired on Nov. 25th, from Santa Catarina.

The beginning of the clip states, "The scenes that follow are of a real tragedy. These are real people like you and me. They lost everything that had taken a lifetime to build, but more importantly, they lost their loved ones."

When we went to drop off the EvangeCubes, the office was a-buzz with getting ready for this impromptu outreach to Santa Catarina.

Have a blessed, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We love you guys!!

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