Friday, December 26, 2008

Here and Happy

So short, once again. But, just wanted to let you all know that we arrived and all is well. We flew in to Louisiana at noon on Christmas day and have been enjoying family, food, and good ole America once again. I'll post more later. Just wanted to give you an update. Now I'm off to hang with my brothers.

Oh, and you will be getting Christmas cards from us. They will be 2009 cards now. You can thank Snapfish for that. :) Note how they now say "Hope you HAD a merry Christmas." Ha ha ha. But, yes...they will come...eventually.

Have a great weekend!


Ali said...

So glad you made it there safe and sound! Sounds like you guys were super flexible with the delay in travel and all the changes!

Hope you have a great time visiting family and friends!

~ Ali

Anonymous said...

We will take them any day we can get them. My grandchildren are adorable!!! Grady sat in my lap yesterday and I told him, "I'm so glad you aren't too big to sit in my lap." He responded with an incredulous look on his face, laughing slightly, "I'm not too big to sit in your lap." So glad!!! Hadley has been a princess since she has been here. She got a treasure box of "princess stuff" from Aunt Ann. She is so feminine!!! Eissa is a cute 2 year old. She does her own thing. She is entertaining. Cutest little girl with pigtails. Cass looks just like a doll. She is tiny and has the prettiest round blue eyes. She has become quite the mama's and daddy's baby after being "stuck" to them for the delay. I've held her some but she is looking for Mama or Daddy the whole time. I'm sure she'll warm up. They are staying in the nice house they stayed in before here in Saline. Such a great gift! We have spread Christmas out. We had the "big celebration" again at the Hough's so the children could experience the excitement of Christmas Eve. It was fun. We will have our own family exchange of gifts this morning (Sat.) Then we will be through with the exchanging of gifts. There might be only two cousins they will miss seeing. I thank God for their safe trip and will enjoy every minute of this special gift.

Steph said...

halllllalula!!! they're home! yall coming up tomorow night...5pm...student building? it won't last too long.

Justin said...

Are you still in the USA? Can we meet you in E. Texas or something?