Sunday, November 30, 2008


That is plural. :)

Before I give you an update on homeschooling, I wanted to spout off some randomness.

1. I wanted to tell you about a movie you should avoid like the plague. I wouldn't even admit that I watched it, but it was horrible enough that I thought I should be a good friend and warn you about it. It's called "Jude." If you've watched it already, I'm so, so sorry. You can pray that God will completely just cleanse your mind of it. If you haven't, thank God I reached you in time.

It starts out interesting. Set in the 1800s or so. Got Kate Winslet in it (I usually like her movies). There are some parts that you have to fast-forward through, but that's the norm with movies. We actually started watching it Friday night and I got so disgustingly sick (contents of my stomach deciding they wanted to make a u-turn) that I went to bed instead of watching the last half. I should've taken that as protection from the Almighty One and not ever gone back to watch the rest. Oh, but no...we watched the last half last night.

It went from bad to worse. You all know the just keep watching thinking that surely it will get better. Most movies do, thank goodness. This one got WAY worse...worse than any movie I've ever seen before in my life. About 3/4 of the way through, it happened...the most disturbing thing I've ever seen in a film. We thought surely after that, it will end halfway decent (hope is a good thing, but that hope that is God-given can't always be trusted when dealing with a man-made thing like a movie). It never redeemed itself...not even close. I have no idea what these people were thinking in making this film. Seriously, STAY AWAY. We had to pray really hard and watch a comedy sitcom before we could go to bed...but were still heavy-hearted.

It goes against my constitution to give away a movie, even one like this that I'm begging you not to see. Please do not let curiosity drive you to get this movie...if you want to know what happened, feel free to ask me and I will tell you. But DON'T rent this movie.

2. Since we are now going to the states in 3 weeks (see last post if you didn't hear), instead of waiting until the 11th (when Joel is done with Asas for the semester) to move into our new house, we are actually moving this weekend (the occupants of the house vacate the premises on this Friday). That will give us more time to set up the house a bit and also pack for our trip (I need to find the cold weather clothing that we have...). :) I'm so excited to move on. We've enjoyed this little apartment, but we have so much to do before we travel...I'm so glad that I won't be forced to just sit around here in the apartment for another week and a half...we can go ahead and start all that work. So keep us in your prayers this week as we pack and this Saturday as we head over to the new house.

3. If you are a family who does the Santa Claus thing at your casa, just wanted to pass this on...super cute.

Now, off to start packing up...again.


Kecia said...

Hey,that is really a bad movie... I had to watch it for a school project... What a terrible experience!
We areso happy to know that you are going to your new house!
God Bless you!
Love the cute doll!

Ali said...

I haven't heard of this movie but, now that I know it is horrible I'll be sure to miss it! I saw one movie on Christmas afternoon with my whole family growing up ( I was in college). It was totally horrible (like you said the kind you don't even want to admit you saw). My parents and the rest of us kept thinking it would get better but, it got worse. It was called Cider House Rules (I think). I won't go into details but, stay far away from that terrible movie.

~ Ali

Anonymous said...


Where should your friends send Christmas cards? What address should we mail too?


~ Ali