Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Kiddos Update - Part 4

Sweet, sweet Cass. She is now 8 months old (as of yesterday). I've said it before, but there really is no better adjective to describe this little girl. Just perfect. I continue to be astounded by her.

She is all over the place these days and into everything. She is not interested at all in sitting up. In fact, when we sit her up (she still doesn't sit up on her own and even when we put her in that position, she doesn't stay that way), she fusses and cries because she wants to get down and scoot around and explore. She still isn't crawling either, but gets up on all fours and looks as though she's halfway interested in the crawl. But, don't think that stops her. No, she's got the scooting/army crawl thing down pat. Like I said...all over the place now.

She is SO VERY easygoing. Seriously, if every baby was like this little girl, everyone on the whole planet would want at least 25. :)

With Cass, I'll just SHOW you all about her. Unfortunately, my captions still aren't lining up with my pics. Is anyone else having this problem these days? So annoying. Seriously, if anyone has any suggestions on how to maybe fix this, please let me know.

Now for the pictures...and video.

#1-Laughing and playing with a neighbor friend.
#2 - " do I get out of here?"
#3 - Her sibling lounge chair.

#5 - Cass sneaking some popcorn that was dropped. She had some in her hand and had already touched it to her mouth.
#6 - Cass, the reader. She seems to take after Grady with books. Hadley and Eissa (but esp. Hadley) were like little puppies. Our little board books were in perfect condition after Grady. Hadley got ahold of them and they were chewed to bits. :) Eissa wasn't much better. So far Cass is very gentle.
#7- Cass was trying to get Hadley's popcorn.
#8 - Hadley thought it was so funny.
#9 - Hadley moved it behind her.
#10 - So, Cass slung her arm around Hadley's body and was still trying to get to it.
#11 - She was determined to get some popcorn. :)
#12 - A cute little rubbing of the nose.
#13 - Her position for jumping out of an airplane...she also likes to do this often.
#14 - Getting up on all fours.
#15 - One of her favorite things...the nose squench.
#16 - Again with the squench.
#17 - And the head throw-back. :) Too cute.

#19 - Doing a little upper body workout. :) Her tricks are just endless.
#20 - I went to get her after her nap (she had been playing in there a while) and her little toy was all the way up on her leg. Funny.
#21 - "Thanks for my rattle, Enna!"

#25 - And this new trick she did this morning. Grady said, "Look Mama!" :) She's almost pulled up to her knees before, but this time she really did it and stayed that way for at least 5 minutues.
#26 - I thought she'd probably fall trying to get back down, but she didn't...just eased herself down like a pro. Will she be one of those babies that pulls up and walks across the room without ever really crawling? :)

Video 1: 11-17-08 Cass making her way across the floor. Her scoot/army crawl in full display.

Video 2: 11-15-08 Daddy helping Cass see life from a different perspective.


Haley Frederick said...

She is absolutely adorable! You're right, she makes me want about 25 more! Maybe I should just focus on getting through this one, first. :)

Ali said...

She is totally precious! Funny seeing her go after the popcorn and use her big brother and big sister as a lounge chair!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to each of you!

~ Ali

Ronnie and Leah said...

Sofia didn't crawl either until 9 months. Then all at once she could crawl, sit up and get around perfectly like she had been doing it for months.
She also did that little scoot/army crawl forever! How adorable.
Sofia turned 10 months yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will learn to crawl when yall get to the states and all she has to work with is carpet instead of all the tile! :-) Oh how I miss that tile!

Love yall and cant wait to see you!

Matt and Meredith said...

That was a fun update. They change so fast don't they? Crazy.