Friday, November 21, 2008

The Kiddos Update - Part 3

Eissa, Eissa, Eissa!! What a fun girl. And what a challenge right now. ;) What can I say...she's 2. She's learning and shaping into the little person God wants her to be with each day. Makes my heart happy. It's fun to see.

Eissa stuff:

*She's talking ALL THE TIME now and says all kinds of things all the time that we didn't even know she knew the meaning of.

*Her favorite show on TV is Hi-5. When I turn the TV on for it (we now know what times our favorite shows come on), she jumps around and says "fi,!!!!!" all while holding up her hand (her five fingers). She loves all the dancing and joins in wholeheartedly.

*She's super squishy and great to squeeze and snuggle with.

*She's got such a great belly laugh.

*She loves to do her special jobs and feels very important and proud doing them. For instance, she always remembers to ask for their vitamins every morning after breakfast. Me and her walk to the cabinet...she, all the while, saying, "Grady, Hadley, Mama...Grady, Hadley." Every time I give her something, she asks for more of whatever it is to give to Grady and Hadley. She very big-like finishes up her vitamin job by dispersing them to her older siblings. She gets VERY excited about it.

*Speaking of excited, she says 'wow' about everything. The whole world is just such an exciting place. :) So cute.

*We went to the grand opening of our new mall type place last night. We were walking along and I asked her to hold my hand. She said, very diplomatically, "No thank you." :) She's very polite...always says her pleases, thank yous, sorrys, excuse mes, and is very sweet and also says her I love yous, even just out of the blue, when we haven't even said it to her. Really cute.

*She is basically in love with all her siblings. She gets REALLY excited about Cass though...when Cass wakes up from a nap and Eissa hears her in there playing, she says, "Cass, Mama...Cass" as in, let's go get her so I can play with :) She adores Cass.

I wish you all could actually be here to see her in person. It's really hard to explain on a blog post all that she says, how she says it in her cute little 2 year old pronunciations, and all the fun and funny things she does. I wish you could experience it all for yourself (with all the kids actually). But, unfortunately this will have to do for now.

Alright, now some pics. (Is it just my computer or is it Blogger that isn't lining up the captions with the pictures? Even the old posts that I did long ago are no longer lining up. I'm thinking it might be our computer since this only happened after we had a big computer crash last week. Let me know what it looks like on your computer, k?) And just a little video of Eissa being Eissa.

Daddy is so much fun.

With her first braids (and a sunburn).
Laughing. She's got a GREAT laugh!


kris said...

ha ha! my kids LOVE hi-5 too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the childrens updates! It is so interesting to know about each one of your growing children and all the pictures! Thank you, Michawn and keep it up! You have such beautiful children.What fun it's going to be when all the GRAND children will be together so Ken and I can have them while you parents go out!
This week it's well below freezing and windy but no snow. So great to stay at home as I worked an 8 hour day today. I find I am more of a home body than ever, just being at home is great. Perhaps b/c I'm out more than I used to be.
Since moving to the apartment do you get out and about with friends enough to avoid 'cabin fever'? We stayed in a hi rise apartment briefly when the children were young and I could imigine how the animals in the zoo must feel all penned up 24/7. We pray for you daily. Love Pam

Ronnie and Leah said...

Michawn, your explanations have never lined up with the photos on my computer.

Eissa is sooooo cute!

Jen Sprayberry said...

You have such pretty girls! All your kids have so much joy.

Anonymous said...

I do so want to see and hear and feel them (all y'all)in person! Just one more year! Love you so much! Keep up the good work!
Aunt Marilyn

Oh yes--baby Shiloh arrives Tuesday in WK Piermont and Leslie has foot surgery Tues. at WK South. Busy, busy day!

Kelley said...

Michawn, you're my hero! The first thing Kim told me when I stayed a week with her in July is that there is this great family in APS and that I would LOVE the wife/mom (you!) It is so encouraging to see a wife/mom who thrives in those roles and really enjoys this season in life.

I really hope we can meet face to face at some point! I did meet your hubby a few weeks ago at the hangar. I was catching a ride home with Paul K. and he was working on a plane. He started talking to Karis so I introduced myself and then wasn't exactly sure how to ask who he was (because I wasn't sure if he was a part of the U.S. team who had come down to help) so I felt like such a dork when I said "do you.....uh, work here?". Then the wheels finally started turning and I was like "oh, are you Michawn's husband?".

Anywho, it'll be fun to keep up with your family via your blog for now. I'm sure I'll be in APS more often once Kim gets back!

AnnaElise said...

Your kids are SOOOOOO beautiful Michawn!!!!! :) Thank you for sharing them!