Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Feelings on Election Day

My feelings today were strange. The most prominent one was that of disappointment. Not disappointment in the result because the results still aren't in as I type this. I haven't even seen any preliminary results.

But, do you know how very cool I think it would've been to have helped vote the first black American president into office? I am hoping that this particular black American won't win (Obama) and that I will still get that chance. But, oh that Barack were really good.

He seems to be just that. He looks to be so very kind and gentle, so calm and endearing, so patient...a man just oozing integrity. Too bad we can't ever go by looks alone. (By the way, this is obviously not at all mentioned to try to convince you how to vote...too late for that. But, this is very interesting, so just thought I'd pass this along.)

Seriously, I wish he were what he seems to be. I really do. But, it isn't so. Not this time. It grieves me. I love the idea of him and what he seems to represent (as far as goodness). Sad that his record and true beliefs prove differently.

I can't wait for a truly good black American to come along and sweep us off our feet...one who is truly who he seems to be, one who really walks with God and lives according to His principles. That will be a glorious day.


Anonymous said...

I agree. This is not about color at all. Barney is nice and sweet and purple but would not qualify for president. I wonder how Bill Cosby stood on this election?


Us said...

I agree...

DyessFam said...

Such good thoughts! Its so sad that people aren't what they seem to be so often. I remember when Obama first came on the possible presidential scene. I really liked how "different" he seemed from all the other politicians. After the truth has been brought into the light about him, though, there is no question who and what he really is. All I have to say is "YIKES!" and that now is the time for even more prayer and repentence and revival in our nation! The cool thing is that we get to be lights that shine very brightly in the darkness and when he show his true colors and so many people become disillusioned, then we get to be there to show them the only true Messiah and how He is the only one who can make you whole and never dissapoint you! Yay!

Ali said...

How did the move go? I bet you are busy unpacking!

Love ya!

~ Ali

Tony said...

God has a way of working through the most unlikely people and through the most unusual situations. I have great faith that this election of Obama is going to be used by God. I always keep in mind that Obama has at least attended a church that preaches God's word for the past 20+ years, even if the preacher had his own agenda going. Surely 20 years of exposure to the Bible and to people of Christian faith will have had some positive effect on our President elect! Ann

Anonymous said...

The Rev. Wright did have his own agenda and he was not preaching God's word--not the part where I heard him preaching. Maybe Obama will become a Christian--I hope so. Last week he was asked if he was a Christian. His reply was that yes he was but he believed there is more than one way to get to heaven. NOT! Jesus is the only way! God can use him--there is no doubt. But in the Old Testament when man did what was right in man's eyes and not what was right in God's eyes, God would let a country be punished. Then man would come back to God.
Very simply put I know but maybe this will be the awakening that will lead to revival in our country. We will just have to pray and see how things unfold.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous above. I ran out of room and time. The space was "used up" and the boys (grandsons)were waiting on me to to have stories and bedtime so I just stopped. Anyway, I am the mysterious anonymous:)
Aunt Marilyn