Saturday, November 08, 2008

Post-Christian America

That's a pretty dramatic title, huh? I'm not into sensationalism, so just know that I'm not putting that as the title just to get attention.

But, I do believe that's where we are. Maybe that's a given...maybe others know that already. I mean, take a look at this article from a year and a half ago. And this, reported on 2 years ago.

I've been meaning to post about my feelings after the election to follow up with my last post. It just hasn't happened until now. I am not a gloom and doom type of person, so I can always find good things about something, thankfully. Here's just a little rundown of my thoughts:

First of all, I'm sad for John McCain. What a love he has for his country. It showed in his speeches and debates during the campaign and also here, in part of a speech made in 1988 (I had seen this email before). It shows in his history of service to our country. I watched his concession speech. It was so very gracious. Sadness showed on his face so strongly. I know that he would have served his country that he loves so much with true honor, as he's done for so long already.

But, the people spoke. Barack Obama is president-elect now as we all know. I watched clips of his press conference he did recently. I do like seeing a black man in that position, it's true. As far as the history that was made on that topic, that makes me very, very proud that the United States obviously isn't held by that bondage any longer. The color of your skin has nothing to do with what positions you can hold in the U.S. any longer and that's been proven now...I am very glad of that.

Unfortunately, I can't be completely rejoiceful for reasons stated before on this blog. I saw just today what someone I respect very much recently said and I have to say that I totally agree: "People often become concerned too late. Then it is impossible to turn the tide back. And like the tide, it happens slowly. It's like the proverbial frog in the water. When it realizes it's being cooked, it's too late. It happened to the people of Germany under Hitler. Most could not be convinced that anything too bad was happening at the beginning of Hitler's reign. Most believed later, but it was too late then." I saw those words just minutes after I saw this article. So very interesting. The conditions in that article sound pretty familiar, don't they?

Some might think, what are you so afraid of Michawn...why so fearful? Please understand that I am not shaking in my boots (um, flip-flops). I do not believe in living in fear. I don't live in fear. But, I do believe in fearing God. I found this very good definition of what I mean: A Biblical fear of God, for the believer, includes understanding how much God hates sin, and fearing His judgment on sin – even in the life of a believer. I also believe in having a sombering awareness of what is going on around us...on the superficial level of just the natural things, but also on a much deeper level of what things could mean in the spiritual.

No, I'm not a fearmonger. But, I do believe that we are living in a very, very interesting time. Now that the media, liberals, democrats have gotten their wish, we will see how things unfold.

Do I believe that we are under the rule of the next Hitler? No (although, he could turn out to be just that sort of person). Do I believe that we are in store for the next holocaust? Nope. Actually I believe we are in the middle of another holocaust already!! 3,700 human beings of a certain kind are already being murdered every single day in our country. 1.37 million a year. Let's get some perspective here...there were 5,860,000 Jewish lives lost during the Holocaust. We've been at abortion long enough to have WELL surpassed this number.

More perspective: Some of my friends here, when saying that I do not believe in murder and therefore I would not be voting for Obama, chuckled and asked "what about war...that's murder too." 1) There have been only around 100,000 lives lost (from what I can tell from the sources I've read) in the war, including Americans, Iraqis, soldiers from other countries, etc., and 2) Even the innocent victims of war (there are always some) have choices and are aware that they are in danger. Imagine this...a little life, floating around in her Mama's belly, getting nourishment, feeling secure, smiling and sucking her thumb (because we've all seen ultrasound images of this very thing). Then suddenly, without warning, her leg is ripped from her body, her skull is crushed...unimaginable pain...and then her life is no more.

No, it's very different than lives lost in war. And, I also think that sometimes we just hear the word abortion and think of it in terms of just a simple procedure...a legal action...a cultural right. I know that I, and many people, esp. my age, have probably grown a little numb to it when hearing the word 'abortion'...after all, it's been legal my whole life. We sometimes think of it as nothing more than going to have a wart removed. How wrong we are and how grieved God is over all these truly undeniable innocent lives! We will answer for this. It is not 'abortion' is MURDER!! And, this holocaust is sure to only get worse under this administration. I mean, he did promise to make one of his first acts the signing of the Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA), which would invalidate all state laws regarding abortion and make abortion legal for all nine months of pregnancy. Campaign promises don't always come to fruition...prayerfully this won't. But, we definitely know where this man stands on this issue.

The entire world is elated at the election of this man. My portuguese teacher cried and cried...was overcome with emotion. Unfortunately, it may very well mean good things for the rest of the world...not for Americans I'm afraid...not for the people that we don't acknowledge as people as a nation, the unborn.

So, what do we do now? How does this change things as far as the way we see things? It doesn't. We do, hopefully, what we've always done. We pray. We seek God's face, grace, and will. We remain vigilant and very aware of all that is going on around us. We pray to see through God's eyes, with His eternal perspective. We love those around us, even if they do not believe as we do. We pray for those who persecute us (and the unborn). We become/continue to be a voice for those who can't speak for themselves. We honor our President and his high calling and pray for him continually. We pray, among other things, that first and foremost, God will really get ahold of his heart. We pray that he be broken before God...that the things that breaks God heart will start to break his also. No matter what, we must remember that God can do anything...always has been able to and always will be able to, no matter who is President of the little speck on the world called the United States.

We do live in very interesting times.


Chris said...

We were just having this conversation, how our generation and those after us are so numb to 'abortion'. We don't even remember the battle when Roe v. Wade was in court. It is just something that has always been. And as with many other things, if something drastic doesn't happen, each generation will become more and more numb to it... so sad!!

Ronnie and Leah said...

I talked to my boys (ages 8 and 9) about what abortion is, and how Obama is in favor of it.
My 8 year old said, "Mom, I hope you don't have any more babies if Obama becomes president."
"Why," I asked.
He said, "Because that man wants to kill them."

Through the eyes of a child. Abortion is Murder.

DyessFam said...

Thanks for the bump comment. I feel like its way bigger than just a bump most days. This kiddo is very busy in there.:P Yeah, I was seriously having a hard time with not making some sort of comment about the rock formation things. Seriously, someone had too much time on their hands! I forgot to put on there that the scenery pics were specifically for you guys for memory lane purposes:). I will have to say that since it has gotten cooler, Arizona has grown in favor with me, but I still prefer Texas. You can't beat the combination of trees and family. Now, if we could live in Flagstaff........:)
By the way, really good post. I just would love it if everyone thought about abortion as murder instead of some detached process of some sort. It makes me want to go to an abortion clinic and intercept all the girls going in and offer to adopt those babies! There may be a time when God releases us to do something like that, but it a much bigger problem than just one family can solve. Maybe if each Christian family intercepted one baby headed for abortion? And thanks for pointing me to Randy Alcorn's blog. That guy puts things in such perspective and in such a great way.

Ali said...

How did your move go?

~ Ali

Amy said...

Interesting article link on Hitler. I have seen other things on the similarity of Obamas campaign and Hitler. Soon enough we will see what we get with Obama. I also totally agree about the abortion issue. Having become a Christian at age 30 I remember buying into abortion for most of my life. But it is just that - you don't really think about just is b/c that's what you have been taught your whole life. I went online and watched a video showing abortions - to say it broke my heart wouldn't even come close. I just burst out sobbing and Trinity came running over asking me if I was okay. All I could do was hug her close and cry out to God, through my sobs, to forgive us for letting this happen. BTW, I think the general consensus is around 55 million abortions since it was legalized, with only 5% falling into the rape, incest, or endangerment to the mother category. God have mercy.