Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh. My. Gosh.

We have exactly one more week of living in the United States. Hello...craziness.

I'm crazy excited. I mean, the whole thing is just crazy period (how many times can I use the word "crazy" in this post). I'm a little weirded out, but also really excited. In some ways I know exactly what to expect...the biggest thing being that you can't rely on what you expect. :) It'll be fun and we are just getting the little last-minute details all sorted out. The next few days holds many things for us...

--we are having Ebersole family time together tonight...a meal and prayer time
--tomorrow will be our last "normal" day here, then church with the family tomorrow night
--Thurs. morning - Sat. morning me and Joel (and Asa since I'm still nursing) are going to go on a little getaway...a relaxing, do nothing getaway; it is kind of for our 5-year anniversary; since we celebrated our 6-year anniversary in Feb., it's a little overdue, don't you think?; we are going to Cape Cod to a hotel on the beach (we got a great deal)
--Sat. after we come back, we have a "photo shoot" with Joel's brother...we are hoping for some great weather and great pictures of our family
--Sunday is Joel's brother's high school graduation...also, we will be prayed over at Joel's family's church
--Monday we will definitely be packing and getting everything together
--Tuesday...AIRPLANE TO BRAZIL (as it says on Grady's calendar I made him...he was constantly asking when we were going to Brazil...he's known for months, so one day he finally said, "Mama, what are we waiting for?" :)...I decided that boy needed a calendar of his own to mark off days)

Here are a few pictures of our first week here...

Cool Mo Dee and a day at the beach.
Hadley and Asa with little Joss...the moms looking on (me and Kristin).
Grady, Hadley, and Alexa sharing a wagon ride.

Uncle Danny's last week of school...they always have a toga day for the seniors.

Hadley, Grady, Alexa, Asa, and Joss...all 5 Ebersole grandchildren (there is one little boy on the way in July...Micah Joseph).
The 2 little ones...Asa and Joss. Joss is 3 weeks older than Asa.
On Saturday Joel's parents took us all to a water park...it was really fun.
The kids had a ton of fun...it was a great relaxing and fun day.
My mom gave Hadley and Asa matching outfits. We had to take pictures to send her.

The happy Grandma with Grady and Hadley.

On Sunday we went to a birthday party for a little Brazilian girl. This little boy's mom is married to a Brazilian...she is American...her name is Amy. Interesting trivia...her best friend's name is Hadley.
Me and Asa at that party.


Mama said...

Okay - Grady looks entirely "too" old in these pictures. Maybe because of all the "babies". They are all so cute! We are in VBS this week. Kylie? and Skylar are coming because Carolina does not have VBS. They are so cute together. Shane finally acts as though we are human beings - even attempts a smile every now and then. Of course, we see him a little more often since it is summer. Cute pictures! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

We'll be praying for you as you continue to prepare for Brazil over the next week!! Blessings to you with your family and friends over the next days:)
The Martins
Thanks for all the fun pictures and informative notes:)

Life en la Casa de Lidia! said...

Michawn! I am so excited for you and yet a little sad...I hope it's ok;) I know I never see you:) but I guess sad for your parents and for all the family good-byes and all that. We are praying for you guys everynight and we are looking forward to what our faithful Lord has prepared for you already. One of my favorite verses is Ephesians 2:10, "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." I heard in a Bible study that workmanship means poem and I think that is so awesome!
Love you guys. Praying for you and your upcoming transition. Happy to hear that you guys are enjoying your family so much!!!!

gin said...

Michawn, I'm praying for you guys! Auny gave me a link to your blog a little while back, so I'm all caught up. Wish you the best...God bless!