Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The End of an Era

What a bittersweet time it is for me right now. Sunday night I nursed my sweet baby girl for the last time. For those of you interested, we had dropped it down to 3 nursing times a day while we were in the U.S. Then when we got back here, we went to just mornings (when she woke up) and bedtime. For the past 2 weeks or so, we have only nursed at bedtime. Monday night (my first night to put her down without nursing), she didn't even bat an eye. No crying, no fussing...she went straight to sleep. It's been the same since.

Now, I've stopped nursing babies before. It's just that this time is a bit different. The other times I've weaned my babies, there has already been another wee one waiting in the wings (um, I mean my uterus). For the past full 6 years I've either been pregnant or nursing or doing both at the same time. My body has been a bit busy, wouldn't you say?

It has been such a joy and I'm really sad to see it go. But, I must look at the bright side (because there almost always is one). I have to remind myself of how much fun this time is going to be too...having my body all to myself (sort of...any mom can tell you that you never really have your body all to yourself, right?), not being constrained by nursing schedules, getting to consume anything I want and not worry about the effects of it on my milk, getting to not consume whatever I want (in order to lose weight) and not worry about not having enough milk, etc. All of those are 'selfish' things that I would gladly not have if another life were forming in me or I was still nursing. But then there are also the other things like how I'll be able to give more attention to my other children and to Joel (the time that was spent nursing) or be able to actually go and look at something when one of my children wants me to see it instead of saying that I need to finish nursing first. You get the idea. There are definitive positives.

Anyway, yes, it's a new time. Six full years! Now something different. What do I do with myself?!? :)

Definition of era - A period of time characterized by particular circumstances, events, or personages.

Circumstances/Events - pregnancy, birth, nursing
Personages - babies in utero and under 1 year of age

To clarify: I do plan on having another one of these little eras in the future, but we'll just leave that up to God's leading and doing.

A little blib about the beautiful little one year old: Cass is becoming such a chunk these days. When I weighed her in the states, she weighed around 13.5 pounds. I weighed her last night...17 pounds. Yeah, she's doing just fine!


Haley Frederick said...

6 years is a LONG time! You deserve a major treat! I felt relieved for a while after being done nursing, and then I missed it. Hope you enjoy your time "off" for a while. :)

Rebecca said...

Wow! I'll bet you feel so weird after 6 years! When I stopped nursing my second, I remember suddenly realizing that I had all this extra time on my hands! Took me a while to figure out it was because I wasn't sitting down to nurse all day long. Now I'm back to spending all my time nursing my sweet baby - I wouldn't trade this time for the world and I actually dread the day it's time to wean...but a little freedom is nice too!

on an adventure said...

We are figuring out things too. With Carys' being off of a morning nap most days, we are really more free. It's kind of strange, yet we adapt quickly every time. I tried to wean Carys slowly like I did with Creed, but she cried to be nursed more each day I tried to cut back. I had only managed to cut from 7 to 5 times a day in three months time. So it worked better with her to just stop completely when Johan was home for Spring break. I tried to be gone a lot for just two days and Johan took care of her the most. She forgot quickly. I was sad at first, but I'm over it now. We had to redefine our relationship, but it happened quickly and I'm thankful. She still loves me without my milk-boobs!!

Cass is super cute! I love the picture of her in the baby float. She has the awesome family dimples on those cute cheeks.

bethany for the bergmans said...

Michawn, with all the nursing, pregnancies ect. have you had a period at all? Jackson is almost six months old and I still have not got mine back. Just are such a super mom, thanks for all of your birthing stories and all kinds of other parenting advice.

Ronnie and Leah said...

So sad to stop nursing one that you think could be the last, or the last for a while.
I was so heart broken when I weaned Elijah (my second).
But now, I've got five. Since Melody, I have nursed until baby weaned her/himself. I am not an attachment parent-I definitely love Baby Wise, but I have found great health benefits (for my own children) in allowing them to nurse longer.
Many blessings as you impart on this new adventure in your life. Have you worn a dress yet?!!
I can't wait to wear a full dress again.

Stephanie said...

she is just too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

Cass you have finally caught up with Scout! Last Friday he weighed
17lbs 11ozs and was 27 inches long! BTW-- he was 4 months old last Wednesday. Love you and miss you--