Monday, April 20, 2009


I feel like I'm always playing catch-up with the blog lately. we go...some catch-up.

Things continue to go well here in Anapolis, Goias - Brazil. Joel is loving what he is doing at the flight school. I am loving homeschooling the kiddos and being a wifey-poo. We LOVE where we live. The weather is perfect, we love living here on the seminary campus, we love our house, blah blah blah. :) It seems like things have finally settled down a bit for us. For how long, we don't know, but for now, whew. It is a nice feeling.

I still haven't gone back to Portuguese classes, but talk to my teacher regularly and am doing a lot more studying on my own. It's actually been really good and I'm being able to figure out alot about this language that I wasn't understanding when going to classes. So, that's what's going on in that area in this season, at this time. How long will the scenario stay the same? Not sure. But, it's just perfect for us right now.

As I type this, Grady and Hadley are playing at the park. They are growing up. They go by themselves now sometimes (no climbing on the monkey bars or in trees allowed when I'm not there though). I can see the park up the hill from my kitchen window, so it works (and they also pop back at the house often).

Eissa just woke up and is asking for a 'nyack' (snack). :) Cass is still sleeping. Today is a holiday (Remove Teeth day...ha ha ha, for all you Portuguese speakers) here in Brazil, so Joel has been home...and no school for the kids today. But, Joel is taking a nap too...he's been sick. You might be praying for him if you will. He hardly ever gets sick, but he's got lots of yucky congestion, a throbbing headache, and a sore throat (Cass had it last week, poor girl).

I have more detailed kiddo updates too of course, but will do those a post at a time. Until then, here are some fun pics from the past couple of weeks (warning: kid hineys to follow...).

Some fun finger painting action.
Cass LOVES to take a much so that she can't wait for us to take her clothes off. ;)
Eissa Rose.
These siblings...
...really love each other!
Easter weekend Joel made us a little picnic table out of a crate (again, those things have really come in handy, right?). All the neighbor kids were over playing.
I made coconut flan.
Finished picnic table project.
They love to eat outside.
Joel put some shoes on Cass the other day. She is still not walking. She's so extremely's so funny. But, she is dang cute in a pair of Old Navy tennis. And, surprise...she didn't throw a little fit about it either (she usually screams and kicks whenever we come at her with a pair of shoes).
Eissa...yes, she's still dressing herself. :) And she's still cracking us up non-stop around here.
Heading out to church last night. Loved her denim dress with the cute red bow.
Daddy put a little 'perch' in the tree. Cass was trying it out. ;)


Kecia said...

So cute!! Funny Too!
Actually Dia de Tiradentes is tomorrow...Hehe

The holidays here have funny names right??

Michawn said...

true, kecia. i started to explain that, but most of my readers have no idea when the actual holiday is, so i didn't go into it. :) but, joel gets off today instead of tomorrow, so they got a 3 day weekend instead of going back for one day and then being off again.

but that's a good point though. :) you are totally correct. way to know your national holidays! ;)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful children! Tell them Granny misses them and sure does love them!!!


Melissa Terry said...


Your words have meant so much to me and really heal deep places when you write them. Thank you for all of your encouragement and prayers.



Haley Frederick said...

Those are some super cute kiddos!
Eva was/is super cautious like Cass and, although we knew she was capable, she didn't walk until 14 months. Those dainty little girls! :)

DyessFam said...

I love that they love each other and want to hang out with each other! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I suggest you to remove an image in the article, because you can have legal issues on depicting child partial nudity.