Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nossa Casa

WE LOVE IT!! Here are some pictures...

Our big open living room/dining room/play area/ kitchen area. LOVE this open floor plan. Love, love, love it. Ahhh! That is the front door there.

That door there in the corner leads to our little office. We will soon (like in a week or so probably) sell those orange chairs (along with the orange sofa thingy in our'll see it) and hope to put a piano there in that spot.
Our little office.
The other corner.
The kids' play area. I'm standing at the entrance to our kitchen to take this picture...right by the bar.
Our kitchen (picture taken standing in the play area).

Yes, there are dirty dishes there. There almost always is. ;) Just don't mind them.
That door straight ahead goes into our washroom/storage area.
Standing at that door (and our back door is to the left).

Standing at the washroom/storage area door looking back through the kitchen into the living room.
Standing at the bar...our table (or, our borrowed table...not really ours even though we've been using it for the past year and a half). The kids' bathroom is straight ahead, our room is on the right, and the kids' rooms are on the left.
Our room (do you like our curtain, i.e. crib mattress pad?).
You think I would've moved the notebook off my bed for the picture. Whatever.
The other side of the room and our closet...the one I despise. I'll blog about it in another's a long, horrible story. But, still I'm thankful that we at least have one.
Our bathroom.

The kids' bathroom.
The kids' room...Grady, Hadley, and Eissa. The bunk beds are a bit shorter, so much better...we chopped them. We aren't even using the trundle right now...Eissa and Hadley both sleep in the bottom on each end.
Grady's closet.
Girls' closet.
Cass's room. Eventually she will move in with the other kids, but right now they are waking up alot earlier than her in the mornings, so we prefer to keep her separated with that the case.

The other side of that room.

We've done a few things even since I took these pictures Friday afternoon...hung a few pictures, bought curtains and hung them, etc. That's the nature of the weekend. It gets done bit by bit on Saturdays and Sundays. We are too busy during the week to work on house stuff. But, yeah...we're loving it. Hopefully now you can get a better picture of our life and home here in Brazil.


Anonymous said...

I did not know you had a blog... I will be following this for sure. Funny how houses in different countries all have tile and no carpet. I like the house.

Kecia said...

Nice house.Really big!! Mom love your kitchen!Haha...

Deus te abençoe!

Nisia e Kecia.

Michelle Grace said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet, sweet comment. May God bless you and your family.

Melissa Terry said...

wow! yea! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful place. I could see your kiddos playing as I looked at the pictures.

I pray that its a place of peace and His presence as long as He has you there.

Love and Blessings...

Wendy said...

Love the house!! SO, SO Nice. I hope you can stay at this one for a while;)

Ali said...

Thanks for the photo house tour! So fun to see! Look like God has blessed you with a GREAT home to live in! Those bunk bed are awesome for the kids! I really liked the kitchen too! Enjoy your new house and hope you get to stay put for awhile!

~ Ali

Kim Young said...

You have a beautiful home!

Kim Young said...

Sorry I also wanted to add that I very much enjoyed your post on birth control. I didn't want to comment as I feel a little like an intruder seeing as I don't know you!

I love the clarity God gave you two as you sought His will, it shone through in the balance of your debate and the peacefulness of your conclusion. You are a woman I very much admire and we haven't even met! As for us, we have 3 boys, 4, 2.5 and 9months, real close together.

Dh and I have only used barrier methods and will continue to do so, although we did do a family planning class which involves all the other stuff you were talking about, knowing your body/ abstinence (never really worked for us that one!). I love the mystery of conception, it's so romantic, so I can't see us using family planning in the future really. I won't use the pill again it really messes with my moods (was on it a long time during my teens before I became a christian). I always wanted a big family but 3 for me is a handful rightnow, we'll see what our hearts our telling us in a few years- God willing.

I think the key insight you make is that God calls us all down different paths and that includes the number of children we have. When we diligently and humbly seek the Lord in all we do He is always there directing our paths, even though we take our own steps.

In my life I am constantly reminded of Jesus' gentle reproach to Peter when he inquires of Johns task and future... paraphrased "What's it to you?...."

From that I learn that my God is interested in me walking humbly before him, not in comparing or daring to judge the walks of others. I think your post demonstrates this beautifully.

May God enlarge your tent :)

In love

Kim (UK)

Anonymous said...

I love the openness of the house. That's what I have always loved about our house. I used to be in the kitchen so much and didn't have to miss out on the family as much. I miss the grandchildren so, so much. Tell them Granny says hi and she misses them. I'll try to get on Skype at Granny Hough's soon or maybe at Uncle Vernon's tomorrow and talk to them.
Mama and Granny
Do you have Easter there and when?
I'll be sending a box or two this week. Will let you know.