Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Mine, All Mine

O.K., so there is this free give-away going on over at Vintage Grace. It's the place where you are not supposed to go and you are not supposed to enter this give-away since I want to win it myself...see how that works? On second thought, go ahead and go over there and look at all the fabulous things she stinkin' creative (the opposite of moi) and such fun ideas (that I only look at and say 'aww' about...never would I actually attempt these things). But listen, do not enter this give-away. I mean it. Don't make me come through this computer! And just so you know, this is what I'm going to win. Fun huh?

I'll be back with more kid updates soon...I promise.


Michelle Grace said...

Thanks for entering my give away and for posting a link!
Your family is SO beautiful.
Have a wonderful day!

The Brodines said... are crazy ;) Hey, do you really want those curtains...I have them. I want to give them to do we do that ;)? let me know!

The Brodines said...

I just checked out that website...beautiful stuff. Thanks for posting the link. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THE GIVE-AWAY ;) I WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!!!!! Love you!