Monday, March 30, 2009

John Carter

Do you think of ER when I say that? :) I do.

But, Joel is gone. I hate it when he's gone. He was on the phone all morning with someone that owns a plane that they work on. They worked on it last week actually and got it all fixed up. This morning something else on it was acting up. So, Joel and a couple of other guys are flying the 2 hour flight up to where he lives to work on the plane.

The guy who owns the plane is John Cain Carter, a Texan conservationist who lives here now. Joel has mentioned him before. As he was walking out the door around noon, he said something about how I could probably google him and find something about him.

I have to say that when I hear the term 'conservationist' I don't think completely good thoughts. :) I don't think bad thoughts, but some who label themselves that way just have alot of passion, but not a lot of good answers about the right way to go about doing that conserving?

Well, I googled. I found a few things. I must say...interesting!! And I also must say...I like his style.

This is a really cool article I found. On the last page, we are very near to Goiania on that map, just to give you a visual of where Joel flew. I can't wait to hear about his trip.

Also, hello (!)...this is another thing I found. Pretty cool.


Kecia said...


To me John Carter was Noah Wyle's character on ER...:)

John Cain Carter does a great job!It was really interesting to know about this!


Anonymous said...

Very very interesting! I look forward to your next blog. You and/or Joel will meet many interesting and some well known people serving where you are. our pictures (yellowed by the heat and time) of very interesting people we met over the years provide many great memories.
We recieved an April 09-March 10 Sonlight magazine Do you want us to send it to you ?

Stephanie said...

did you know that this is the last week of ER. I don't watch it any more, but I remember how crazy we were about in college. No one was allowed to talk while ER was on. It is the end of an era!