Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grady, the Artist

*We'll let you know about the ultrasound results when we find out ourselves, probably tomorrow.*

My boy is quite the artist. Seriously. He has always amazed me with his abilities. He DOES NOT get it from his Mama, that's for sure. I guess that's why it's so amazing. I struggle with stick figures, so when I see how he's drawn something so effortlessly, it baffles me. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd share some of his art. It was cute. I had been telling him yesterday that we needed to show Daddy his art. This morning he was so excited and proud and said that he doesn't draw pictures anymore, now he draws art. ;)

By the way, he declared yesterday that he wants to grow up and marry a certain someone (I won't mention any names, because I don't want to manipulate any circumstances...I know he is only 5, but still...he thinks he already knows who he is going to marry...we've talked about how God needs to tell him who to marry, so we are now praying earnestly about his wife every night :) ), and be a "Daddy Artist." Cute. Love the job title he has picked out. Ahhh, love my kids!!

Grady showing his art to Daddy when he got home last night.
Showing the sisters.
This is the drawing that perked my interest the most. Do you know what it is? I kept my first guess to myself and had him explain it to me. My first guess was right..."a baby in a mama's belly." Are you kidding me? That looks like for real art, doesn't it? No, we do not have anything even remotely similar to this that he looked at to draw this. Has he ever even seen a glimpse of something similar to this? I don't know. But, I thought it was super impressive. What do you think? Do I have a prodigy on my hands? ;)
I mean, look at this. To say that I was impressed is a major understatement.
And now, just a few more from his art tablet. "A car on a bridge."
"A boat with a big tent (translation: sail)."
Grady's explanation: "Remember a long time ago when Daddy was watching TV a lot of days (translation: a long time, i.e. probably about an hour) and these were on the TV?" My guess: Megastructures...one of the only things Joel enjoys watching at my mom's house on her DirecTV. :)
"A log truck"...perhaps he just spent some time in Saline, LA, eh? :) By the way, I starting reminding them how his "Granny used to work at a place where they brought those trucks to make the wood into tiny pieces called wood chips and then the wood chips went to another place so that they could make"...and his and Hadley's eyes lit up and they shouted "paper." So cool the education they are getting just from traveling to different places and talking about the things they see.
A tow truck.
I'm sure you can see what this is...a "beach," a whale, a bird, a palm tree. But, that palm tree is what got my attention. I am a loser when it comes to drawing...I wouldn't have known how to draw a palm tree...I thought his was really good how he drew the criss-cross lines on the trunk. He's just very aware of detail...it impresses me.
"The car on top is stuck in the snow and the tow truck is coming to get him out."
And last but not least, Cass was playing in his room one day when he was drawing. He decided to draw her. So, this is Cass crawling. ;)

Also, another big milestone for Grady. Last night he was complaining of his teeth hurting. We were driving to go get some groceries and I couldn't see it. I told him I'd look at it later. A couple of hourse later when we were shopping (after we'd eaten), he mentioned it again and pointed to one tooth in particular...his left bottom tooth. I immediately realized what was going on. I touched it and sure enough...loose. OH MY GOSH!! My children are growing up!! We had a little mini-celebration there in the produce section in English. It's always interesting the stares we get. :) We're always like a traveling little side show, but we were probably considered a main attraction last night. Oh well. He was so proud of his new accomplishment and asked me if I was proud of him for his loose tooth and art. :) SO proud of him, but I had to ask him to stop growing up. He said he couldn't...he needed to grow up so he could marry someone else. Does he think of himself married to us right now? Maybe he thinks that you are married if you just spend alot of time together. Not sure, but cute comeback.


Terry, Simone and Sarah Lockyer said...

Spill the bean- who does he want to marry???

Us said...

Definetly a prodigy!!! I was just getting ready to post some of Sara's artwork, too!!! I tell mine we're going to give them a stop growing shot to keep them little ;-).

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I am very impressed! Uncle Leslie, too! When he saw the tow truck he said it was better than he could do!

Love Asa's folded arms where the girls are looking at the art.

All are so sweet!

Love y'all!
Aunt Marilyn

on an adventure said...

Super cool art Grady! And I love the job title he sees himself as having. It says we're doing something right when our kids want to be parents. So cool.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed!!! You are right. The tow truck is amazing. The pulpwood truck. Mr. Roland would be proud. But the baby in the womb is a "knock-you-over." I'm SURE he has seen something like that while watching tv here with you. You think??? I thought the same thing as Marilyn. Eissa's folded arms just spoke volumes!! Yes, they grow up. You know, mine did too. But I decided to enjoy every stage they went through and it helped. He also has confided in me the girl he will marry. Very serious conversation. Tell the "Daddy Artist" I think his art is wonderful.

Daniel Babb said...

I know who Grady is supposed to marry!!! He's supposed to marry my little artist, Caitlyn!!! After the first time Caitlyn met Grady (@ Springcreek BBQ, I think) Caitlyn said as we were driving away, "I miss my Grady." SO, I'm down with arranged marriages, AND please continue to pray for Caitlyn. (My heart is torn the heck up that she will not be blessed to the fullest measure intended by God. Y'all know what I'm talking about.)