Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Tidbits

Oh, just a few thoughts running around in my head. And some things that I haven't said or updated you on (in no particular order at all)...

-We're glad to be back here in Brazil. Several people have asked and yes, we are glad. I don't know that I'll ever actually prefer Brazil over good ole home. But, we definitely feel that we are supposed to be here for right now and are very glad to be here, doing what we know that God has for us. That's not to say that it's not really tough sometimes, but the peace is there and we know that we are supposed to be here.

-Customer service is basically non-existent in Brazil...but this little blip actually deserves a whole post, so more on this later. Just know it sucks.

-Please be praying for little Stellan and little Samuel too now that I think about it. The blogosphere is such an interesting thing. You learn things about people that you never would have known in a million years without it. I would've never 'run into' these women and their little ones (or all the other countless people on blogs that I follow, at least for a time) without blogland. Stellan's story is sure to read the whole thing (link on sidebar of their blog). I'm so very thankful to have my little ones, whole and healthy and in my arms.

-I am back at the losing weight thing. I had lost about 19 pounds before we went to the states. Guess how much I gained while there? 19 pounds!! Hilarious. I enjoyed every single ounce I must say. But, I'm back to blogging on my other blog about can click here to read (and as usual, link always on the sidebar over there).

-I also started another blog a while back (while in the states) about perspective. I haven't posted on it since we got back to Brazil, but just ran across something that I had to put on there. So, it is now updated too (click here to read) and will be updated more now that things are a bit more calm around here (again, link always on sidebar).

-Speaking of that, the house is coming together nicely. Yes, I will post pictures someday (although I'm sure you've seen glimpses in the pictures/videos already). We still have lots of things that just don't have a place yet. Some things we will just have to find a place for, some things we need to actually acquire some furniture in order to have a place for them. Our walls are completely undecorated (except for some things that we just hung on the nails already in the walls just to unpack them, but none of those things are actually going to stay in those spots), so it definitely still doesn't look like things are coming together exactly, but we're getting there. It's difficult because really the only day we have to do things as far as going places to get some of the things we need is Saturday...and everything closes by noon on Saturdays. Ludicrous. It's just not feasible to do it during the week with just one vehicle and my limited Portuguese and homeschooling, etc. It's also just very hard in general to find the places where you can go in order to get the things you need. Like I've said before...oh how I miss one-stop shopping. A friend of mine here was talking recently about how it was such an ordeal to get just some very simple curtains. Do not take your Bed, Bath, and Beyond for granted folks (or Wal-Mart or Target, etc.)! Anyway...

-The kids are just growing up way too fast. It's crazy. I have several posts about all of that and lots of pictures. Hopefully in time I'll get to putting them all up.

-I still haven't started back to Portuguese classes. I will be starting soon, but Cass is still nursing at bedtime and I just want to be here for that...and not be distracted from her right now. It won't last much longer and I want to soak it up while that's still going on...not going to miss a big thing like that. Portuguese class can wait until that is over...because it will be over all too soon.

-We are loving homeschooling. It is so much fun to spend that time with them (my kids). We are loving our curriculums (curriculi?...whatever). If you'll remember, Grady started doing the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons thing...he is now sounding out small words. So fun. He's pretty excited about it. And they just LOVE it when they really start to 'get' something, for example, in their new Math-U-See curriculum. And, of course, the Sonlight books are definitely a favorite...and their 13 Bible Verses that they have committed to memory with Sonlight...they love to rattle those off. Fun.

-I love crockpots. Most of the meals I make now are in the crockpot. Go here for some GREAT recipes!

-It cracked me up how so many people had asked over the past few months about that 'Part 2' that I posted a few days back. But then I got only 1 measly comment. Hilarious. Not that I need or want comments about that, but it just surprised me. I thought more people would weigh in their opinions/thoughts...since that was what happened before. Maybe it is because I wrote it in a way that displayed how we had reached a final decision (answer from God)...maybe that's the difference...before we had no answer. Anyway, that just entertained me. :) Anyone got any thoughts they want to share...feel free.

-Grady's jaw has been ruled to be just lymphatic issues...infection/inflammation. So, we are just watching it. The doctor here said we'd put warm compresses on it, give him an anti-inflammatory, and just watch it. It is not noticeable at all by sight and only a little by feeling...and Grady himself hasn't mentioned anything about it at all the whole time we've been back in Brazil. I just feel his jaw every now and then to see if it's gone. We haven't yet even given him the anti-inflammatory or done the warm compresses. But there is a peace there for sure...knowing that it's nothing more and nothing serious. And I just felt of it as I was typing this paragraph...nothing there (first time since he had the fat cheek syndrome in the first place). I think we're in the clear. Thanks so much for your continued prayers and concern for us. We really do SO appreciate it.

-I never wrote about this, but while we were in the states, we had our first bouts with 'sickness.' We are not run-to-the-doctor type of people. If we have colds, we just let them take their course. We don't even take cold medicine. If we have fevers, we usually let them take their course (to kill whatever they are fighting in our body) too, but do eventually give Tylenol after a time or if the fever starts to climb too high. Well, our children had never had antibiotics...ever. They'd never had ear infections or anything that so many other children have often. So blessed are we. While we were in the states, Hadley (days away from being 4 at the time) and Eissa (almost 2 1/2) both came down with ear infections. Bummer. But, we were so happy that our kids had made it that long without any sicknesses/needs for antibiotics or other drugs. They each got to drink that really yummy pink stuff (Amoxicilin, right?...the highlight of their mornings and nights) and Eissa also had to take ear drops (she HATED it...but her eardrum had actually burst...funny too because she never complained of pain...we only suspected ear trouble because it was draining...Hadley had an earache a couple of days after Eissa's started draining, so we took them both in). Grady was fine until a week later when he had the jaw issue and ended up taking 2 antibiotics...his first ever...he's 5. I think that's pretty good. Thankfully, Cass dodged all the issues and continues to be such a super healthy little thing...tiny, but healthy. Thank You, Jesus, for our health!

-And speaking of health, boy do I have a story to tell you about vaccinations. But, that also deserves a whole blog post all its own.

Hmmm, I know there is more that I could ramble about. I'm sure I'll think of several more things after I post this that I could've written about, but forgot. Oh well.

Just wanted to get a few things/updates down. Hope you have a great weekend!

Fun times on the living room floor. :)
Daddy and Grady were working nearby with their tools. The girls were just relaxing/playing on their towel together. They stayed there for at least an hour, just playing together.


on an adventure said...

That's funny about what you said about the blogworld. I just read about Stellan last night for the first time. I learned of him through an old friend of mine's blog. She started her blog when they learned their third child, Emma, has a bad disease called Batten Disease. Her blogspot is, so all who read please pray for her too.

And I read your Part 2 post and loved it. I agree with you. For us, we rely on God's peace and leading regarding more children or not. We still don't know. If we get the desire, we pray. We seek God for His leading. Until then, we protect in non-abortifacient ways.

Kecia said...

Actually, I translated that post to my sisters... It was really hard and took me forever to finish...But sure was worth it!!
Thank you!

My mom and i are faithful readers of your blog,and we pray for your family,we can be from diferent places,but, we are part of the same family... The family of God!

We love you in Christ!

Kecia and Nisia.

O.M.G. said...

i'm glad i have a blog now, just to keep up with people. it's great to get your updates. eventhough we only got together...once? well, i consider you a friend and LOVE following the adventures of your life. and i will always be jealous of your kids and the exciting childhood and all the smiles they are experiencing. you are a wonderful mom! i guess i was mostly surprised you guys are actually going to use contraception. i just figured you'd just keep on having babies. sounds like you guys put tons of thought and prayer into the decision. i'm excited for you guys, no matter what you choose. p.s. i made crockpot bbq beef tonight. i have the crockpot with the 3 diff sized bowels. i like it alot.