Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grady and His Jaw

(picture of Grady this morning)

A super quick update on Grady's jaw...

Basically he woke up unchanged. Last night it had started getting some redness there and then this morning he woke up with it being swollen more down and around his neck, involving his lip a little, and the redness was there more. I thought sure we'd be going back to the doctor today, but when we called, he wanted us to give it more time (the antibiotics...he took his 2nd dose today of 5 daily doses). It remained the same throughout the day and so we will be going back to the doctor tomorrow.

He continues to feel fine for the most part. He is less active, but I think that's just because he is being cautious of that very tender 'fat cheek' as he calls it. He was walking around the house singing and then playing with his sisters and neighbor friends also today. So, he doesn't act like he feels bad all the time. But, both afternoons (yesterday and today) he has been just done by about 3pm and requested to lay down both days...resulting in a nap. He's not able to eat much...not tooth-related, just because of the swelling...hurts his jaw where it's swollen when he chews. He continues to be just the best patient though. What a sweet, patient, longsuffering little boy we have! Love him. He has not complained once, but I can tell that he is getting a bit weary of it all.

The explanation for all of this could be as simple as a spider bite or as complicated as one of those rare, bizarre things you've never heard of. Of course we are praying that it's just the bite thing. But, the reality is that we just don't know. So, be praying for us.

Our appointment is at 10:20 in the morning. I have no idea what will be done, but it could involve something like an x-ray/ultrasound and blood work. Of course, maybe we will wake up in the morning and the swelling will have gone down. Either way, we will keep you posted.

You probably won't hear from me until later tomorrow night. But, I will update you. Thank you so very much for your love and concern. The phone rang off the hook and we got so many comments and emails. Thank you for lifting our sweet boy up in prayer and checking on us. Love you guys!


Jen Sprayberry said...

Poor little buddy! We are praying for him.

DyessFam said...

You know I didn't even consider a bite, but the swelling and now the redness does still make me think of an allergic reaction. Mostly because I have this weird allergy to certain skin cleansing products. It started with Noxema as a teenager and as I tried some other products, they apparently had the same affect though in different areas. The first time, my chin swelled up so big I looked a lot like Jay Leno. The second time, my eye puffed up so big that it looked like I'd been 8 rounds in a heavy weight championship. The third time, it was a lovely combination of several places around my face and that's when we thankfully figured out it was my skin cleanser. Anyway, still praying and keeping you all in our hearts today! Get better soon, Grady!:) (Personally, I think this calls for a special treat.... Aren't you glad I'm not his aunt?! I have an incredible sweet tooth and I like to share!!! ;)

Ronnie and Leah said...

Ronnie said the same thing-looks like a spider bite. All the new redness and extended swelling-looks/sounds like a spider bite.
I had something similar on my breast and thought it was mastitis. I still-after 2 months-have a little of the swelling still, but it never hurt. It was just puffy, red and weird.
You may could try something like Benadryl to see if that would help. It shouldn't hurt unless there is some kind of interaction with the antibiotic he's on.

AnnaElise said...

Michawn, Praying for him and for you guys. Believing God for healing and for faith in our God to heal it and against fear in you and Joel... May God show you how to pray and how to respond... and may He take his powerful hand and touch Grady with His healing. Love you guys.

Us said...

That makes me so sad for him...what a sweet boy! We will keep praying!

Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You will make clear what is going on. May the swelling go down and the doctors know how to deal with this. Continue to watch over Grady, and bring him back to health soon. Amen.