Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fat Cheek Update

:) Grady started referring to his condition as his "fat cheek," so we followed suit.

We went to the doctor again this morning at 10:20. He checked him all out again and couldn't see any explanation (no marks; the floor of his mouth is very soft; the rest of his mouth inside is completely normal; mumps, again, is usually in a different spot, etc.). He asked for some blood work and an ultrasound to be done. The ultrasound just wasn't going to happen today (we couldn't be worked in), but we got the blood work done very quickly. The results weren't going to be ready for a while (45 min. they said), so we decided it would be a good idea to run some of the other errands we had to run since we didn't know what the results would show and didn't know if we'd get a chance to get those things done later (would Grady have to be put in the hospital like the doctor mentioned the other day?). Since we ran the other errands, we missed seeing the doctor again (he had already left for the day when we got back). But, his nurse (who just happens to be from Saline...I was a bridesmaid in her brother's that so sweet of God to give us someone familiar?) went over the results with us and explained what our doctor wanted to do.

So, all we know from today from the lab results is that Grady has a bacterial infection. He started him on another antibiotic (in addition to the one that he's already on) and we will have the ultrasound in the morning to just get a better picture (hopefully) of what is going on in that "fat cheek" (makes me smile everytime I say that). The ultrasound is scheduled for 9:15am. I'm not sure if we'll be speaking with the doctor tomorrow or not. If we do, we won't be able to speak with him until after 1:30. That makes for a long day (with all the kiddos tagging along tomorrow), but we will update you as soon as we can.

Grady is an amazing patient. He is so grown up (he is FIVE now, by the way...haven't had a chance to blog about his birthday in January, but I will someday) and so very easy and sweet. Although it's been a little nuts (the circumstances that is), it was a fun and special time just being with him (and him alone) for a little while today. I feel myself beaming with pride when he does just the least little ole thing like answer the doctor's questions. :) So funny.

But, he really is amazing. The other day when all the kids went and got shots, he had to get the most (four!), but he just sat there as still as a rock, letting them poke him 4 (!) times...I think 2 tears shed (if that) and all with no noise. Well, today while they were drawing blood, he sat in my lap and they placed a board in front of us that he could lay out his arm on. I told him that he could just look at the pictures on the wall next to us or, if he wanted to, he could watch...whatever he wanted to do. He watched. The lady stuck the needle in and started drawing out the blood. Not a twitch from Grady...not a whimper. He just sat there and said very quietly and sweetly, "That didn't hurt." :) Love him. He makes me laugh.

He has been his normal self all week except in the afternoons. He would get a bit droopy and then fall asleep just wherever he happened to be. Poor guy. Well, today that didn't happen. He was chipper and playful and non-droopy the entire day. That was good to see.

And finally, you guys are so awesome. Thank you for all the comments, emails, phone calls, messages on our machine, etc. How loved we feel...and encouraged and lifted up and cared for. We are telling Grady about all the 'well-wishes' too. Thank you so much!!

Just keep praying. We should know more tomorrow. I'll update you as soon as I can. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you are doing!

This is what we hope he looks like again really soon!!


O.M.G. said...

What a doll! What a blessing. I love hearing about him. He's gonna be a great man. Hope he gets better real quick.

Ali said...

What a tough boy with the shots and blood work! Praying that the fat cheek goes away quickly and the Rx helps!

I'll be checking your blog for updates on Grady!

Love and prayers!

~ Ali

The Brodines said...

Dearest Grady, we will not stop praying for you until you are fully recovered! We love you. You are being such a wonderful, sweet and courageous little patient. We praise the Lord for your life!

Us said...

What a great kid you have :-)! Still praying for his complete healing/recovery very quickly!!!!