Monday, February 16, 2009

Uganda Mothers and Babies

For a time, I had another blog called Perspective. It was really because I was losing mine...I needed it for that time. I only did 5 posts on that blog, but it served its purpose. I'm now deleting that blog. So, I wanted to add these 5 posts to this blog so they are not lost forever. :) Here is one of them.

This blog, again, was created to remind us of the give perspective. Therefore, this blog will occasionally also include the added bonus of featuring different ministry opportunities. I constantly run across things that I would love to share...possibilities for partnership. We can't all help everyone, but I pray that you will truly look at everything shared on this blog (from time to time) with open hearts. Who knows...maybe something will really spark a passion in you here. That was not the primary point of the blog, but is just the obvious accidental (wonderful) result of a blog with this purpose. So, please...don't just gain the truth about how blessed you really are compared to others in the world. Also, really look at these ministries and what they have to say...look at these real people featured...imagine them as your neighbors/siblings/parents/friends...and see if there is anything you can do to help them.

This clip is of a ministry called Helping Mothers and Babies Inc. It was started by my friend and midwife that delivered Hadley (you can spot her in the slide that states that childbirth is the #1 cause of death). It's so very cool to see what God placed on her heart to do to practically help and reach others...and how quickly her ministry has taken off...and how many people they have already helped. I got this video clip as an email from her a few days ago and just wanted to share. Wow.

And another clip I found...this one of their work in Honduras. This was an earlier video...very interesting.

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