Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please Pray for Grady

Just really quick. It is so late and I'm exhausted. But, I wanted to let you know to be praying.

The kids spent the day yesterday with their Granny. Joel and I started the packing process while they were there (we leave to go back to Brazil a week from today). At the end of Grady's day there at Granny's, he started feeling bad. He didn't want supper and said his head hurt really bad. He had a fever of 101. Then he started shivering. Well, then they all came home...and Grady went straight to bed.

I was gone to eat supper with a couple of friends. I got back and he was snoozing...with no fever and all appeared to be just perfect. I went to bed after midnight, so I checked on him one last time around then. He appeared to be just fine.

Fast forward to this morning around 7am (Tuesday morning). He woke up with a very swollen jaw area. He had no fever or anything, but had what I've always thought the mumps would look like, right there on the right side of his face.

We got everyone fed and dressed as quickly as possible and headed to the 'Quick Care.' The nurse practioner there didn't know what it was, so she sent us to the ENT (Ears, Nost, and Throat doc).

He told us that he didn't know what it was either, but that we needed to treat it really seriously...that since we didn't know what it was, we needed to treat it like it's one of the rare, weird things it could be. We needed to keep an eye on it closely. He gave him some Zithromax that he will take for 5 days. He told me, though, that if it's not any better by tomorrow, then we need to call and possibly put him in the hospital. Anyway, so I will be reporting back to him tomorrow. And I will let you all know how he's doing too. I have more talking to do about sicknesses at another time too.

Now here, I'll give you a visual of what I'm talking about...

This was taken this morning.
Tonight...Tucker was reading a book to them before they hit the hay.
The last pic of the night. You can tell it got a little bigger since early this A.M. I wanted to have some 'documentation' of the jaw. By the way, the squinting isn't because of pain...just because of the flash.

As far as the way Grady feels, he feels O.K. He kind of just lays around, but I haven't been able to accurately gather whether that is because he feels bad like he does when he has a bad cold, or if it's because his jaw hurts him when he moves around alot. He is just taking it easy.


About Us said...

I saw your post and prayed right's so hard when your child is sick, especially with something you're not sure about. I looked into pictures of mumps on the web and they look similar- I also read that it could take a couple of weeks for mumps symptoms to show up. There is a blood test that they can do. Keep praying and hanging in there! Carter had to go through a whole bunch of blood tests a week before we left for the Philippines, so I know a little how you feel.

on an adventure said...

I am praying now!

Aimee and Lonnie said...

Oh my Michawn! Those pictures make me so sad for sweet Grady! I'm praying for him to heal quickly and completely!!!!

Hugs, Aimee

Michawn said...

thanks for all your prayers!! it's only been a few hours since i wrote this post and grady is still sleeping, so as far as i know nothing has changed, but i will keep you posted.

just wanted to address the mumps suggestion. i thought that too, heather. i looked up pics on the web before we went to the doctor yesterday. but, the ear, nose, and throat guy took one look at him and ruled it out. apparently the mumps involves a gland further back on the jaw and grady's swelling is too far front for it to be mumps. but, yeah...that's the first thing that came to mind for me too.

again, thanks for the prayers...those are more powerful and more important than doctors' diagnoses and such, so we don't take it lightly. keep it up. and we'll keep you posted.

The Brodines said...

I am praying! Keep us posted! Love you.

DyessFam said...

I'm adding our prayers to the mix, too! I hope he gets better ASAP! I'm also praying that the doctor would receive wisdom in identifying what it is. Maybe it'll just turn out to be an easily handled allergy. I just want to see that dimple show back up!:)

Us said...

WOW! Poor Grady and his mom and dad! I will pray for him.

Melissa Terry said...

thank you for asking us to pray- we are on the job! Father, we come to you in Jesus' name and ask for a miraculous healing of Grady's jaw. Cover him with your blood, guard over any word curses or schemes of the enemy to come against him in any way. We thank you that you know all and that you are working mightily on his behalf!


All our love...

Leah said...

Hello sweet Michawn!
This looks like an allergy to me. Did he get bitten by something? Eat something new? Check with Granny to make sure he didn't get into anything.
I'm less concerned about the lump and more concerned that he'd had a fever before it appeared.

I love you and I'm praying for healing-even if you never know what it was.

Love you guys,

Us said...

Michawn I just remembered my oldest brother had something similar when he was 17...It was a spit glad or something....they removed it and that was that. Still praying for your sweet boy and your family.

Kecia said...

We are praying for Him!!! All of us!

The Bittles said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. Just tonight as I prayed with Hudson while tucking him into bed I was struck with a deep sense of thankfulness for God's provision in our lives. Grady is such a tough little guy apparently! We will certainly pray for him & his parents.

Neto said...

Hi Joel and Michawn! Here is Neto from AnĂ¡polis-Brazil.
We are praying for Grady and all family.
I was looking at his picture and thinking about his problem. Maybe it´s possible be tooth´s infecction. We thought that was intersting to take a radiography exame of his jaw, to take any doubt about it.
We wish that you made a security back to Brazil.
Yours brothers in Christ.
Neto, Mariana, Ester, Abmael, Ghilherme, Mariane and everyone.