Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still There

I'm so sorry I feel so out of touch right now. I know you don't feel 'close' to me when I don't blog and believe me...it is still a priority for me. But, there are other temporary priorities that must get done before blogging and there just is never time left for the blogging at the end of the day. Soon.

But, I wanted to ask you all to continue to pray for Grady's jaw. The swelling/knot went down alot, but never went completely away. This morning it is bigger than it has been the past few days. We were hoping that by the end of his antibiotics it would be completely gone. He took his last pill last night. He remains just fine...no signs or symptoms of any kind except for that blasted swollen jaw. :)

Thanks for you prayers. We're not sure of the next step, but will know more soon. We'll continue to keep you posted.


Kecia said...

We will keep praying for him. God is tha true healer!

God bless you all!

Luke said...

Lord, I continue to lift up Grady to You. May the swelling go away and it completely heal. Amen.


Us said...

Definetly will :)

Alice said...

Praying for Grady! xx

Steph said...

man, come to the states to visit and all you came back with is a swollen jaw. stink:).

seriously continuing to pray.

one two three four five.

didn't know i could count huh. no one else knows either.

The Brodines said...

Continue to pray for Grady and you guys...keep the updates coming!

Love ya!

Matt and Meredith said...

Michawn, I just "stopped in" and caught up with you a little. Not done catching up yet. I will be praying for Grady and you guys.

Just know that you are not the only family that leads a crazy life at times. Us here in the states lead very crazy, fast paced, jam packed lives as well! I'm right there with ya! It's just a season I'm sure. Love you and hang in there.

DyessFam said...

Definitely in prayer for Grady right now! We are pronouncing it i-ly, though we're trying to figure out what we are actually going to call her. Sam prefers Gracie, but I really like both of the names and might end up calling her both or something. I guess once I start using whatever name consistently in the blog, that'll let everyone know....;p