Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Ultrasound for Grady

O.K., so I posted that last post last Wednesday. There was barely a knot there if you'll remember. Well, the next morning it was bigger again.

I had called our Dr. in the states (the ENT we had used while there) and talked to his nurse, Donna, on Tuesday. She was going to talk to Dr. Broocks and I was going to call back on Wednesday. Well, when he woke up with it so much smaller on Wed., I just didn't ever call. When it was back on Thursday, I called. She said that the Dr. had said that it might take a full month for the knot to go away after antibiotics. I asked her if it was normal for it to go down and almost away completely and then get bigger again. She went and asked him while she had me on the phone (love know some people would just fake it and pretend to know all the answers with certainty instead of asking). He said that wasn't normal. I asked her what he thought would be a good next step for us, what he thought it might be. She said that he had mentioned something about it being his salivary glands...that we'd probably just need to go to someone here to continue care.

So, that's what we did. We called our pediatrician here and she recommended an ENT to us. They fit us in that afternoon. She said, "I'm thinking it might be his salivary glands." So, that is what it appears to be at this point. I've read some things online about it, this being one thing (explains it pretty simply). But, basically, even if it is the salivary glands, there could still be a few different things it could be as related to the salivary glands...just inadequate drainage of the salivary glands or stones,etc.?

Joel and Grady are in the waiting room as I type this for his second ultrasound (the first was in the states) to try to see what's going on in there. Pray for a conclusion to this all. Obviously we are praying for it to just go away. But, beyond that, if it doesn't just go away on its own never to return, we pray that we find out what it is and that it's something really simple...that can be treated, cured, and that it never comes back.

I will let you all know what we find out. The results probably won't be ready until tomorrow or the next day. Things like that here are much slower than there in the states. We'll let you know.

Thanks for the continued prayers. We love you guys.


Us said...

I said a prayer and will continue to do so. That's what my brother was nothing serious, they just removed it. Maybe Grady's they can do somthing even better since it's 25 yrs later :). We will pray for a quick resolition for you and peace :).....Thanks for updating!

Steph said...

coninuing to pray. keep us updated. i'll facebook message you about sue.

Ali said...

We're praying! Thanks for the update!

~ Ali

Anonymous said...

So you like the house hey! SAhould have put the rent up (and accepted the extra payments in fule for flying.

Really pleased you are settelled there - hopefully one day we will be able to visit.

Anonymous said...

Praying for quick resolution to this. Dottie said she had a really sore jawline one time and it was the salivary gland. They just gave her medicine - not antibiotic but possibly steroid. It cleared up. Still so busy here. This is my last power point presentation tonight. Met with mentor yesterday - tons of stuff to do for portfolio. We don't want to wait until next year to try to get it done. Will have most completed by the time school is out this year. Can't wait for May 15th!! Last day of school! Didn't quite understand "Anonymous'" post. Will try to get on early enough one night to talk to you. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, GREAT picture of Grady!!! He's so happy and cute. Tell him Granny thinks he is SO-O-O handsome!