Monday, October 02, 2006

Our New Niece

Last Friday (that is, Sept. 22nd), Joss Ebersole was born. She was 8 lbs. 6 oz., the same weight as her sister at birth, Alexa (who is 16 months old). She's really cute. And, it's really fun to have babies so close in age. Joss and our new little one will be only days/weeks apart. Hadley is only 3 months older than Alexa. Grady and Hadley had a SUPER time with Alexa when we were in Boston. We can't wait to meet little Joss.


Joss being held by Alexa. That is Kristin, their mom...Joel's brother Andre's wife.


Mama said...

How cute! Is Joss pronounced with a long o or short o? It was always great for Marilyn and I to have you kids together. You all had a lot of fun growing up.

shay said...

Hi, its shay here...please pass my congratulations on to andre and his wife! how exciting! its such a great name too. i was thinking of the whole ebersole family recently as duncan and i were discussing the (slight) possibility of ending up living in boston for a time , as Duncan would love to do his PhD at Gordon Conwell University (i think thats the name?), and there is a campus in Hamilton, which i think i remember the Ebersoles living in or near?! Anyway, i hope you are all doing well and maybe we will one day get to meet up and let the kids all play together! we are coming to PA from dec 14-jan5, so let us know if you are around then - god bless - shay, duncan, jayda & josiah forbes

Anonymous said...

what cute kids!

Ali Elam said...

Congrats on your precious new niece! :) Michawn, get busy with those home remedies...evening primrose oil! :) Have fun! :)