Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"I Go Walkin'"

Title of blog: Patsy Cline tune...Hadley and I were singing it yesterday when we were getting ready to go on our walk. She seems to be a Patsy fan.

I was supposed to go see my midwife yesterday afternoon. I didn't go. I will have to go next week if I haven't had the baby by then, but I just didn't see any need in going yesterday. I'm fine, baby's fine. I called my midwife to ask her if it was absolutely necessary that I come. She laughed at me, asked me a bunch of questions, and then said that I didn't have to come. So, with the little phone interview, the only thing not done was my weight, urine check, and blood pressure. Again, all of those things have been super perfect the whole time...no need to think otherwise now. So, I saved myself over an hour trip and instead we went for a nice long walk.

We've been doing a good bit of walking these days. The area we are in is so pretty with great, very non-busy roads. It's fun. A couple of days ago Grady decided to ride his tricycle instead of riding in the wagon with Hadley. Here are a couple of great pictures of that little outing. Fun times.

The kids on the trail with Daddy.

Joel even rigged it so that Grady was pulling Hadley along. Grady loved it. And although Grady is a great driver, Hadley wasn't so sure about it at first.

We are keeping super busy with a few projects. Joel is getting everything in order and ready to join a sending agency (lots of paperwork and doing things like passport pictures, etc....there is a lot involved). He's also working on getting our website up and running. Also, he's been doing things around here that our hosts need done (landscaping stuff, helping to clean the pool, handyman stuff). I started a huge project yesterday...organizing and putting all of the pictures we own (my whole life basically...from elementary to present) in albums. So, between all of our projects and our kiddos, we've got at least a couple of full time jobs I'd say. How are we going to fit this new baby in? :) Just kidding. Still can't wait for the new baby to make its appearance. We'll keep you posted.


Ali Elam said...

What a pretty area to get to walk! :) You guys sound busy with pic organization and ministry planning details! I'm praying for your comfort, energy, and the actual labor and delivery!

Mama said...

So cute! I like Patsy myself. I hope you are teaching her the words right:) It's "I go out walking". Glad you are still doing well. I guess if you wait until the 11th it will be Liz Morgan's birthday - the 18th - Douglas - the 19th - Snootee Fox, Billy Stewart and Adam - Aunt Rose and Uncle Johnny's in the 20's. Hopefully it won't be that long.
I'm cleaning house in case you call soon. I know you would love to call any minute. I'll sub tomorrow so you can call me at 576-3215.

Anonymous said...

hi Michawn, Adam was 2 weeks late and I was the "goodyear blimp" by that time. But he was the first. #3 came 2 days before the predicted due date if thats any encouragment. There is a pressure point to stop a headache...mash really hard with your thumb and forefinger on the webspace between your other thumb and forefinger. The only problem is that the headache comes back when you let go! Easy labor wishes from Aunt Ann