Sunday, October 08, 2006


As I talk with different women of all ages, I am continually amazed at how little they know about their bodies. I am astonished at their lack of knowledge. Appalled really. I guess all those "a" words that mean shocked. Astounded...there's another one for you.

I like to know exactly what is going on with me and I am very in tune to my body and what is going on. Some would make the argument that it's because I'm a nurse and have had that training. But, not true. Nursing school and the kind of nursing I did when working didn't really teach me about normal, everyday happenings. For instance, having babies. I had an OB rotation of course, but I never worked in that arena of nursing. I am the kind of person that is very hands-on. If I don't experience it firsthand in some way, then I might learn the information for a time, but it doesn't always stick.

Anyhow, this applies across the board, but just in the example of pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum stuff...many women (and men I might add) are just fearful. Why are they fearful? They haven't done much research. They only listen to and go along with everything their Dr. says. As I stated previously, I'm not against Dr.'s and am so grateful to have them when there is a problem. But, that's just it...most of the time there are no problems. Dr.'s are trained to be super-hyper to avoid/treat problems...some that really aren't even there...they are just afraid that they will come.

When I was pregnant with Grady, I was asked by a few people once how old the baby in my womb was. I said that since I was about 14 weeks along in my pregnancy, that would mean the baby was about 12 weeks old I guessed...since they count from the first day of the LMP...not from conception. They looked at me like I was crazy. Even the woman there (who has had 3 kids herself) said, "I've never heard of that." Crazy.

I guess it's just been on my mind lately. I've talked to several people lately who just don't know basic knowledge about such things...they get freaked out. It seems they try to get me freaked out (misery loves company), which really irritates me honestly. I refuse to join them.

Women out there (and men too)...learn. Read, ask people, grow. Obviously not just about this topic...about your own bodies and what you are experiencing medically (look into the alternative medicines/treatments as well as the conventional medical advice), about parenting, about health and exercise and good eating, about relationships, about all of the things of God, etc.

Don't just settle for past knowledge that may or may not be working. Don't just do things because it's the way they've always been done. We hope to always be learning and growing. There is a wealth of information about most anything conceivable out there. Thank God that the knowledge and wisdom is available, if from no other source than Him. He is the best source there is after all.


PhxAmy said...

I couldn't agree more! I too am constantly surprised at the lack of knowledge most women have about pregnancy and birth. Not that I like Oprah, but I even wrote in a show suggestion that they do one on all the choices women have when it comes to the birth process since most women do just what their doctor says, and wouldn't even realize that they have a say in various aspects.

Anonymous said...

MIchawn, I've found people generally fall in one of two catorgies; Some question, they like to know. Some say "why?" how? "what if..." and "could it be that..." and other personality types are,if they said it,I believe it. Do whatever needs to be done to get this over with. Don'T bother me with the details mentality. When you're in Brazil the one group is the educated group-even ones who never had the wealth to get schooling vs the ones who do things because 'this is the way it's done.'And God made them (us) all.

Mama said...

You would be proud that your mama did know about this with all three of her babies - only we never counted weeks as such, just months. My ob/gyn doctors all talked about it with me. I also read a LOT during pregnancy. Just because I was interested - not that I was afraid of anything. I loved the pictures that would show me what the baby looked like at all the different stages. Just connected.

AUNY said...

We totally agree with what you said about alternative treatments. We are studying all the time about health and the body. If you are sick in some way, why not read up on how to get better instead of running to the doctor for every minor cold?

antiquern said...

Of course, you knew the right answers to questions about pregnancy. After all, you had a great teacher!

However, you have learned a lot more through experience. There are some things that have to be lived, not taught.

C. Wilson