Sunday, October 01, 2006

October Baby

Welp, looks like this is going to be an October baby. September is gone now and Mama doesn't plan to carry this big ole baby in her belly until November. :) As usual, we will keep you posted on the baby happenings.

Our kids are doing great of course. Hadley is really talking a good bit these days. Grady is REALLY talking alot...he just got done "reading" a book to Hadley. He's heard it so many times that he has it memorized. Hadley is infatuated with babies. They both are to a certain to rub my belly and kiss it and tell that baby to come out of there (I got them to do that part). But, anywhere we are, if Hadley spots a baby, she is blind to anything else. It's going to be fun to have a baby in the house.

I weighed them both a couple of days ago. Grady is 2 years and almost 9 months old. He weighs 36.5 pounds...he's a solid, strong, good-looking little boy. When he is on his knees, he and Hadley are the same height. :) Hadley weighs a whopping 23.5 pounds. She is 19 months old now. Grady was her weight when he was 9 months old. Isn't that funny? She's a tiny, but feisty little thing at times. So snuggly though.

Here is a great picture that Joel took of the kids the other day. Enjoy. Have a great Sunday!

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danny eb. said...

well i must say the pictures are really nice, expecially this one with gradey and hadley in the box, nice shot, looks like the 500 dollar camera is paying off.