Saturday, October 07, 2006

Big Belly

I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my belly for your viewing pleasure. I am just in some funky exercise shorts and a shirt that of course doesn't cover my belly anymore (none of them do)...and I'm looking pretty rough, as usual these days. But, these were taken this morning right after I got up.

I had hoped to only gain 35-40 pounds this time. Oh well...we'll try next time. :) I've gained about 45 at the present, about what I gained with Hadley. The problem for me this time was all the travel. I gained 14 pounds in the one month that we were in Boston and Brazil. Since we've been back in E. Texas I've only gained 2-3 pounds.

I'm no good at eating good when I'm not at home. When I was growing up, when we traveled anywhere it was a treat and we always got the treat of eating out. And, even if we were at other people's house, it was a treat. I still look at it that way and am not disciplined when it comes to eating. I get a little crazy. It's fun, but when you are traveling over a month it's not good.

So, anyhow...we're at 45 pounds, but holding since we aren't traveling. :) Here are the pictures of what that looks like: (disclaimer...the first picture is totally very un-ladylike, but, at this point, I could care less...sorry if it offends) :)


Anonymous said...

I love the way you handle pregnancy--so beautiful, so natural. I wish all of my daughters could see you. being a woman is so much more about accepting your body than looking like a model in a magazine. you are beautiful!!!!

Ali Elam said...

I love your baby belly! You look so GREAT you little Mama! :) Thanks for the fun pics of you and baby!

Mama said...

Okay, this is your mama speaking!
That first picture was a little much! I'm ready for that little baby!
Love ya!

Michawn said...

Oh, Mama...always the encourager, as you can tell from her posts.

Mum said...

Your posting was very informative to me! Now I know why you'd come home with junk food when I'd make extra effort to have healthy food on hand for you and baby and family! Ha! Seeing the healthy stuff you had in your cupboard in Longview then observing your eating habits here had me puzzled. I'm glad you're home and feeding your baby and family right! Love, Mum