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Joel. Michawn. {Part 73 - November on Facebook, 2}

Some elaborations on some of the things I've posted on Facebook...

Nov. 6th -
it's interesting that in complementarianism, a husband is the leader. 
except when he sins of course. then somehow it is the wife who has led him into that sin. it is the wife who is at fault. it was her that led him into that darkness. *she* tripped him up. poor husband. 
ugh. :/ 
Nov. 6th -
good stuff. being dragged back can be truly horrible, and completely unfair even, when it's out of your control. but, the outcome can ultimately be the same...a launching.

Nov. 8th -
Nov. 9th
**grace says "NO" to sin.** not just your own...but others' sin as well. grace protects us.
throughout all of our mess, how many times have i heard 'you need to have more grace,' 'you need to give more grace,' 'you need to show more grace,' 'you just don't have any grace.' 
people who say that don't know Truth. they don't know their Word. 
i love what one of my former pastors said yesterday: 
~If Grace trains us to say “No” to ungodliness, then, BY ALL MEANS, preach MORE GRACE! Titus 2:12 ‪#‎gracemadeaway‬~ 
11 For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, 12 training us to renounce ungodliness... 
thank God for HIS kind of grace...not manmade definitions. <3 blockquote="" nbsp="">Nov. 10th - I shared a Facebook post that Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love author) had written that day.  It was great.  If you can't see her Facebook post, here is an article talking about it which includes most of her original post.  This is what I said about it...

i think most of us know this, at least to a certain degree. i knew it...but the rubber had never met the road in my life like it has recently. i had put this into practice before, but not in huge ways like now. sometimes, life calls for 'huge.' you might be struggling to make those huge steps in your life...but please know that sometimes the huge things are *needed* and on the other side of 'ripping off the bandaid,' you find life and peace. 
in my own life, people have accused me of only wanting people in my life who agree with me. but, that's not it at all. it's not about agreeing. it's about being a supporting, loving person...not someone who agrees with everything someone says or thinks. people who will love you and support you and come to your rescue whether they agree or not... it's about surrounding yourself with THOSE kinds of people. you have to! otherwise, you are just constantly fighting for your life in one way or another. and you are slowly dying that way. 
some people truly don't know how to do loving and supportive when they don't agree...but, it is definitely possible. the people who don't know how? can have people in your life like that for just so long...people who drain the life out of you. and then, you have to let those relationships go. for your own good. 
don't be afraid to do just that. it's not your burden to try to reach them, to try to help them understand, to just 'take it' for the greater good. some people will never 'get it.' i urge you...take care of yourself!
Nov. 13th -
It's things like this that might seem small. Might even sound good. But it can wreak havoc on our families. 
Husbands were never meant to be the wife's pastor. Ever. 
When I see something like this, it literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Nov. 15th - I posted this article called "Standing Up For Our Sisters at the Men's Retreat," and these words...
this is sooooo good. and so important to read and really understand. we all have to realize, almost no matter the topic... 
*there is no neutral.* 
~...[do] not shrink back from conflict with the forces of darkness, as if the battle will pass safely over if we simply lie low. There is no neutral. We’re in this battle whether we like it or not, and we must stand up for what is right or we will simply let darkness descend. 
Because here is the deal, guys: Left unchallenged, things like that enforce the patriarchal darkness left to us by the fall.~
We all need to 1) empathize with others, and 2) stand up to do our parts when it comes to injustice of any sort. have to see things for what they really are, imagine yourself in those same shoes, and imagine how you would feel (empathy)...then there would be no stopping you from joining in and fighting tooth and nail for your sisters.

That is happening more and more.  I'm part of a group with some seriously incredible men.  Men who are the way I described in the previous paragraph.  I wish I had been raised by and around men like that.  I wish I knew men like that in real life.  ...Maybe someday.

More next time.

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