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Joel. Michawn. {Part 67 - October on Facebook, 1}

Just sharing here some of the things I have shared on Facebook, along with a few other things.

Oct. 2nd - I shared this article with these words/this excerpt from the article...

oh my GOSH, this is good. 10 phrases...that should be done away with. then further educational information about how to care for people in crisis. as someone who was in the first (emergent, resuscitative, still-with-the-source-of-damage) stage for over 4 years with nobody to help me (that is *shameful,* people), read this article (not just the image that shows up down below) and pay attention, please. because i survived, but not everyone does. 
~The best analogy I have for people in acute crisis is looking at them as burn victims. Caring for burn victims is divided into three stages that overlap. 
Burn care has a lot to teach us about loving and caring for people in crisis. And those who care for burn victims rarely use clichés — they are too busy caring. 
“There is something about suffering that longs for someone to sit with us through the pain. It’s the fellowship of suffering. It’s the words ‘you are not alone’ put into action. The sitting bears witness to our pain. More than a card or a casserole, the familiar, patient presence of another says to us ‘it’s too much for you to bear, but I will be with you, I will sit with you.'”~
Oct. 2nd - I posted this incredible video of Brené Brown .  I've come to find that...I'm a badass.  And I've also come to find that...the people that were in my life aren't comfortable with badasses.  People aren't comfortable with authentic, honest human beings.  They don't like it when people rumble with the hard things instead of just going along with status quo and not questioning anything.

I love what she says here.  I pray for more badasses to rise up.  I'm raising up 4 little badasses myself.  :)








Oct. 4th - Just for fun (and because I was really feeling that way during that process that day, realizing yet again all that I've been through), I posted this.  Hahaha.
i've been going back through all that has happened and been done, by multiple people, in the past 3 ¾ years (something i have to do for our counselor). all. day. long. for the past 11 exaggeration (got up to go to the bathroom once). i'm only about halfway done. 
can i just say that if i haven't killed someone by now, i need to be awarded sainthood!! 
Oct. 4th - I have never seen religiosity as much as I've seen it these past 4 years.  People who use language that sounds so very holy and spiritual, yet they themselves are so very far from acting like Jesus Christ.  They are blinded by tradition and fundamental things they have been taught...but are actually found nowhere in the Bible if they'd do some digging.   And many of these same people love to blame the devil for things.  "The devil is just coming against your marriage"..."The devil has deceived your wife," etc.  While I'm quite sure the devil was very happy our marriage was flailing, one man's sin and these people's divisiveness were the culprits, not the devil.

I posted this picture, along with these words...

"it's easier to find that everything is the devil, for the devil you just cast out, but character you have to deal with." 
Oct. 6th - I shared this picture and these words...
3 years ago this week we moved into this house. we'd been living out of those packed suitcases on the floor in that picture for 4 1/2 months at that point. we were *all* beyond exhausted...tiny and cute cass included. man...what a twisted path our lives have taken since then...that was only the very tiny beginning of the chaos. never planned this path. never thought in a million years this would be our reality. but, here we are. although the future is very unclear, this picture makes me so very thankful the past few years are over. it makes me sad, too, of course, about all that happened after this picture was taken. sad about where we are now. but, we continue to survive. and, hopefully, we will continue to gradually walk out of the chaos. thanks for the love and support for me and the kids that has come our know who you are. 

Oct. 7th - One of the best bottom-liners there is...
I mean, so true. And so stupid to think otherwise. This is truly a black and white issue. 

Oct. 8th - I posted this picture and these words...
:) funny (in the 'truth hurts' kind of way)...

This is almost always a good definition of a Mama.  But sadly, not as often the definition of a man.

Oct. 9th - I have never called Joel my soul mate.  Ever.  I've never called anyone my soul mate.  LOL. I just don't use that term.  Ever.  But, I love what she says here.  And I really love what she says about easy, how simple, how loving it should be.

Your spouse IS supposed to be your best friend...your greatest champion, your biggest fan.  As I said in my last blog post, a spouse is to be a perfect match…spouses are two parts of equal weight leaning against one another.  It's not that you won't ever have hard things to discuss.  But, within the hard things, you are each other's biggest fan...and best friend.  That's the way it is supposed to be.

Oct. 10th - This made me laugh.  And I don't feel this way in a vengeful kind of way. makes me laugh that people thought they could come against me and slander me and believe awful untrue things about me and treat me like crap and be so divisive in my marriage...and still think that they could have us in their lives.  LOL!  It makes me laugh to think that people thought they could be unsafe, unrepentant people...and yet still have us.

Oh honeys...that is the furthest thing from the truth.  While it's not what I wanted or imagined at all, I will never put myself or my children in unsafe positions and with unsafe people again...with people who believe such untruths and do such awful things and bully people and remain unrepentant.  Not happening.

You can move on and you can even let go of what they have done to you.  No grudges. But, people like that should be, and are, declared enemies of your soul.

They thought I'd just go along with it all.  They thought wrong.

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