Saturday, August 30, 2008

That Was a Close One and Thoughts On Palin

We went to get shots the other day. Oh man, always a stressful time. If you remember from last posts, we are not the do-whatever-is-on-the-schedule kind of vaccinators. We look at each vaccine and question this really necessary, do the benefits outweight the risks, etc.? Even if/when we go forward with vaccinations, it is not always (almost never) according to the schedule preferred by "authorities." We are a rare breed, although that isn't so rare anymore in the states. Here it is WAY rare and I'm afraid probably looked on as an insult to their practices from these "Americans"...they probably think that we think we know better (blah blah blah...even though we explain that we do the same in the states). Add on the fact that it is all in Portuguese and Joel knows not the translation usually (no medical background does he have...thankfully medical terms usually are very similar across the board and I can figure it out), there are about 10 workers at a time in one small room at the local health clinic every time we go who are grabbing speedily at our children, we are trying to always keep our children orderly (no small task in new environments), etc.'s stressful.

Well, my last post about vaccinations produced a comment from someone I don't really know, but have had contact with once or twice here in Brasil. She warned me about the oral Polio vaccine. Here's what she said:

I agree that it is a presonal choice and you have to research and pray about. Plus remember that it is not written in stone, you can decide not to vax and a yr from now change your mind.

We decided not to with both of our kids, one born in the US the second born here in Brasil.

Either way I do not recommend giving the live virus Sabin drops for Polio since it is highly linked to the disease. It is up for discussion for being taken off the vaccine list. I have a friend who´s daughter got Polio from the vax here in Brazil, now she´ll never walk.

I remembered that and when they grabbed Cass from me and started administering drops to her, I freaked. What happened specifically is that a nice smile-adorning lady with a white coat on came over to me and asked if she could take Cass. I honestly thought she just wanted to hold her...people do that all the time and Joel was still discussing things with the receptionist lady. Well, no...she immediately took her and about 6 ladies (in white coats) surrounded my baby (I'm not exaggerating...there were a ton of chics in white in that tiny room) and started dropping the drops...into her mouth. Like I said...freaked. I finally got out "PARA!" (STOP!). They did.

The next 30 minutes involved more vaccination-taking (other things that were needed...for Cass and Eissa) and alot of stress and discussing. I was adamant that I would have to look into the drops further. They were adamant that that was ridiculous...that we should just do it (they had been successful in starting to try to give Cass the drops before I yelled to stop, but thankfully, the drops that came out landed on her chin and not in her mouth...nice). And my poor, sweet, peacemaking, pleasing husband who DESPISES conflict of any kind was strong but very uncomfortable in his position in the middle of all of this. Yes, let me just reiterate...STRESS-FUL!! Needless to say, of course we didn't get the vaccination. FYI: When someone tries to push me into something that I'm not comfortable doing, believe never works in their favor.

I came home to my computer and googled and read articles and found what I thought to be true...and I was SO GLAD that I stuck to my instincts and refused. Would my child be one of the ones that ended up paralyzed as a result of the oral vaccine? Chances are, no. But, you know...when there is an alternative that results in basically the same outcome without those risks, you'd better believe I'm going to take it (even if it costs a LOT more, which it does here).

Lessons learned:
1. Even though something is good, there might be something else that is even better.
2. Research, research, research. Yes, God protects us, but ignorance is not bliss people. Sometimes ignorance results in very bad outcomes. Whenever possible, I choose not to issue the plea of ignorance. I want to study up on all things...especially related to things that are related to the health and well-being of my family.
3. Stick to your guns. There are certain things that mothers have instincts/feelings/God-given promptings about. Don't waiver. The health and well-being of your child might depend on it (I am thinking of many more examples of this than just our health clinic example...I have heard countless stories of other moms that I know personally involving things ranging from an avoided accident to resulting abuse when they chose not to stick to their guns...incredible I tell you).

By the way, I found these articles and several others very interesting concerning the oral polio vaccine.

Now, on to the other subject. Believe me when I say that I am SO NOT POLITICAL. I can't stress that enough. In fact, Joel just walked through and saw what I was typing about and laughed. :) Ha ha ha. I tend to lean more towards the simple-minded of the population :) and politics does not fall under the 'simple' category, now does it? :) But, I like to hear others' thoughts and read/watch what I can to be somewhat informed...even though I do not enjoy and do not get into it at all usually. Call me irresponsible or lazy or a slacker or bum if you wish...just not my thing, people. Sorry if that offends.

But, I do find this Palin lady highly interesting. I am very 'patriotic.' I say that knowing that some people's automatic stereotype of someone who is patriotic comes in the form of a clip in their mind of some poor confederate soldier marching off to join in the civil war...all excited, with a delighted gleam in their eye. We've all seen Gone With the Wind, right?

No, that's not what I mean. But, I do think that now, after visiting several other countries and living in another country, our country is the most blessed there is. I do think that things like war (and other not-so-great things) are a necessary thing sometimes. Even biblical. You can't talk things over with demented, truly evil world doesn't work.

So, the John McCain POW thing is really admirable to me. Would I vote for someone just because he's a POW...certainly not. But, this isn't a post about the candidates and all the things they have to offer...just some of the things that I find interesting about the McCain-Palin team, that's all.

So, on to this chic, Palin. Very interesting, is it not? I've read and watched clips of several things over the past couple of days about it. I have to say that I basically word-for-word agree with this blog post and all of her comments that follow (some of her commentors rise very good arguments). Oh, the possibilities.

Anyway, read it for yourself. And, tell us...what are the thoughts around there...share the vibe with us here in the extreme south. :)


Holly said...

Well...this girlie thinks you are wonderful! :) How's that for an opinion!

I've missed you! :)

Jen Sprayberry said...

Good for you mama. God put you and Joel in charge of your kids not the doctor. We were recently kicked out of our pediatric office for not giving Sarah her shots. I mean kicked out. I too hate conflict so this was a big deal for me. We do shots but not until they are a bit older. It's such a hard thing to figure out. We just really have to trust God.

momarewethereyet said...

I'm loving that McCain chose Palin. Everyone I've talked to about it, from my realtor to my dad, loves the idea of having a woman for veep. How exciting to know that the republicans may seat the first woman VP in history!

Anonymous said...

We need to trust the Lord if we don't vaccinate and trust Him if we do. As we get into His presence He gives peace and direction for each situation so we can go on our way rejoicing. I can identify with you Michawn, vaccinating or not and wondering ALSO about the quality. It's a literal walk by fAITH. HE IS FAITHFUL. Praying for you daily as you minister to your family. LOVE Pam

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say I'll be praying for God to give you more grace in this transitional living or to direct you towards something more long term. Keep me updated. I totally understood your post since I moved so much growing up!

Anonymous said...

That was my post above about your housing situation and your desire for something more long term.

Forgot to sign my name!

~ Ali