Thursday, September 04, 2008

Be God's Hands and Feet in Haiti Today

Remember that song...Hands and Feet...Audio A? Well, the lead singer of that group was Mark. His parents now run an orphanage in Haiti. Haiti was hit hard by Gustav, and then Hannah. Many were, but the difference is that Haiti is SO impoverished to start with and people were barely surviving there as it was. Please pray for them...really pray. Sometimes I am personally guilty of saying I'm going to pray and I truly want and plan to pray, but then I get busy. So, stop right now, pray for them, and pray about what you can do to help.

Here is what our friend Brock (who is also good friends with Mark) said about it a few days ago:

i just got a message from mark stuart and he is desperate for prayer right now. hurricane gustav wrecked the place really bad. the orphanage was almost completely ruined by a huge rock slide. they have about 8 feet of rock covering the place right now. on top of that hurricane hanna is now beating down on haiti. mark said they need prayers so that the rain will stop. they need relief or there will be nothing left.

And read this!! This is what Auny (Brock's wife) said today:

Pray for Haiti. I've told you a little about the Hands and Feet Project that our friend, Mark, has started. Basically, it's an orphanage in Haiti. Haiti's government is so corrupt that its people are literally starving. Recently, the poverty has been so bad that mothers are feeding their children mud pies, because that's the only thing they can find to eat.

Hands and Feet have 36 children whom they've taken in. The problem is Gustov and Hannah. Gustov created a rock slide which knocked out the buildings where the kids sleep and live. They have a bigger building that's okay. Everyone happened to be in the larger building eating when it happened, so nobody was hurt. However, they are all crammed into one house with 6 or 7 kids to a bed. Then, Hurricane Hannah hit it. It was all over the news that Hannah was hitting the Dominican Republic. Haiti and the Dominican share an island yet Haiti is always ignored.

It's the poorest country in this part of the world but always gets overlooked. It's in the top 10 poorest countries in the world. Their national religion is voodoo. Hands and Feet is trying to break this horrible cycle in some lives. They need help though. They need our prayer and support if we can give it. Someone asked if they had any sort of insurance down there. Mark's wife just laughed...I guess that's a "no."

Here is Mark himself.

To view pictures of the damage, go here.

Please take the time also to visit and follow the latest news at their website here. It is an amazing ministry they have going on there.

Now, go pray and do what you can to help them (they need, diapers, formula, etc.).

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Kecia said...

I was chocked wit this news... The brazilian government is often seding trops to Haiti to help in some areas... But is not enough! I am calling my church and my friends to pray for this porr place... That one day will be called a rich place,becouse the grace and provision of the Lord will be the main flag!!