Monday, September 15, 2008

It Was Time

This weekend we did a couple of things, just because it was TIME.

First of all, remember this post about my hair? Yeah, well it was time to plunge into this. Yep, got it chopped. I was actually going more for this cut, but ended up with a much shorter version. The one thing Joel said was that he doesn't like it when the hair is right there curving into the chin. Now, he wouldn't balk at it if that's what I wanted, but I happened to not really want it quite that short. Well, we got it anyway. :) I'm totally fine with it though. Actually am kind of glad that it ended up this short...remember how I don't like the feel of it when it's touching my neck. It's fun and feels really good. Now, I got it done on Saturday, so I haven't even washed it yet (that will come tonight), so we'll see how it looks when I don't blowdry it and I don't have someone else to style it. :) But, still...I like it and am extremely glad to have it done.

The video below (after a few pics) is of the guy (Luciano) cutting my braid. I will be donating to Locks of Love. Grady, for the 24 hours leading up to this, was saying how he DID NOT want me to get my hair cut. Poor guy. He kept running his hands through my hair and talking about how pretty it was. :) But, he was good to go by the time we got to the salon. No biggie. I think he appreciated being included in the process though. By the way...I think that's why I ended up with a shorter cut than originally discussed. I think Luciano put the ponytail a little too high. But, I could care less...really. And just more hair for the Locks of Love people...he ended up cutting 12 inches off. Love it.

By the way, I am actually rarely on here in pictures. But, today...well, you'll see. :)

The long stuff.
The kids were kind of taking turns with the camera.
Me and Hadley had to make braids one last time. Then we just had some fun as you will see in the next few pics.

Like I said, everyone was taking turns with the camera. This was Eissa's turn. While someone else was taking the pictures, she had managed to get in the cabinet and unwrap some soap...then handed them to Hadley saying "here you go" when it was her turn with the camera.
Then Grady took the braids out and played with it some more. Seriously, I think he had a bit of a hard time with it. I did even contemplate not getting it done...I didn't want to traumatize him. :) But, in the end we talked it out and he was good to go.

A view of the length in the back.
Getting the braid all ready to cut.

What it looked like after the chop.

Cass, of course making friends.

Look at Grady in this picture.
Still keeping an eye on things. :)
The ladies there doing nails wanted to paint Hadley's nails while she waited for me...of course, she LOVED that.

And the finished product.
I told Joel, I look like a Q-tip in this picture. :) Ha ha ha.
You know how after a big haircut you go home and look in the mirror several times...putting your head this way and that...investigating what you got done? That's what this was...only I did it with the camera.

Then I had some help.
And today...I'm sure this will be the reality of everyday.
Back...somehow...always back. :)

The other thing that we did this weekend was FOOD. We gave Cass cereal for the first time. She is about 5 1/2 months now and it was time. She's been really eyeing our grub lately. I could also tell she just wasn't quite satisfied with "my milks" (as Hadley says) alone anymore. So...we plunged into that too.

Playing with big brother.
Me making the rice cereal. Thank goodness I have a Vita-Mix I can grind it with. They don't have rice cereal here...they have "cereal" but it is really just sugar in a can. So, I'll be making my own. We always make all our baby food anyway (fruits and veggies anyway) we'll just make the cereal too.

Grady happy with his food too. :)

Also last night. Every time the girls put on their clothes (esp. dresses), they have to go show Daddy. They twirl, of course.

And today...just because I haven't shown you yet. Cass got her first tooth on Fri., the 5th. Well, her second one (the front left bottom tooth) came in on the 10th.


You can even see the teeth in this one.


Wendy said...

How sweet is that baby?? I know what she wanted to do...she was wanting to suck that cereal down with her thumb. My 2nd one did that and it was oh, so cute-but messy;)

Love the haircut!!!!

Kecia said...

You are soooo beautiful with that new haircut!!!Loved...
Oh... and i saw tha tiny tooth on Cass's mouth...cute,cute,cute!!!
Love you in Christ!!!
We are praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

What blue eyes Cass has!! So cute! All 4 so cute! You and Joel so cute! Hey the hair looks good. I really like the one where you are making the cereal. Love y'all and miss you!
Aunt Marilyn

Nicole said...

Ok first of all you look sassy!! Espceially in that one picture when your head is kind of tilted! Umm hmmm, that one was for Joel!

Second, Cass is absolutely beautiful and sooo big!

Third, we need to talk!! There is way too much to catch up on and type. How can we do this??? Soon, ok? Please email me some options!
Love you

Stephanie said...

WHat a fun post to read! I love all the video...we can really get a feel for things with videos.
I bet you love your hair short. Feels healthier and so much lighter, huh? I can't believe Cass has two teeth! That is just crazy! I hope Danny doesn't get his anytime soon. Does she bite when you nurse her? Danny already bites sometimes and chooses to look around pulling with him! We really need to break that...any advice?

Anonymous said...

Love you new hair cut! So cute! Cool you donated 12 inches of your hair to Locks of Love! Cass's new tooth is adorable! She is so pretty! Fun pics of you and Hadley in braids before the hair cut!

~ Ali

kris said...

love the cut...

DyessFam said...

I love your hair cut. I also love that you are not afraid to strike a pose and show some flair! Oh, yeah. Your kiddos are so beautiful. I'm still trying to figure out who looks like who. For the most part, I think they are a good mix of the two of you, but I would like to make a request that you post some baby pics of you and Joel. :) You know, in all that spare time you have....ahahhahhaaha. Anyway, if you get to it, if you don't, I will survive! :D Oh, yeah, if you already did and I have just forgotten that fact, will you please direct me to the post...

Anonymous said...

Any new developments with growing your family via adoption!?! I've been praying for you guys! Now that sweet baby Cass will soon be 6 months I'm expecting an announcement about your family growing!

~ Ali

Jen Sprayberry said...

Cute hair! I like it. You always look good with long or short hair. Sweet babies!!!!

on an adventure said...

I love the haircut! I knew you would do it eventually! I am on my way to growing mine out, but this time I'm going to try a medium length. I'm always chopping or growing it. Now I'm going to try to let it curl and only be past my shoulders! It's all about the ease factor for me!! You look very cute and Cass is definitely a beauty! Such big pretty, clear blue eyes!!