Saturday, September 06, 2008

Here We Go Again (Packing It Up)

First of all, Cass was 5 months old as of Aug. 25th. Forgot to put that in the post last night and someone asked. For more about her, scroll down if you haven't seen that post.

Also, for the latest on the Hands and Feet project (posted a couple of days ago), go here. And please help (I know we are).

And now, because there has been a severe drought in the area of pictures on this blog lately, here are some for your enjoyment.

Yesterday while the little girls took naps, me and the 2 older kiddos did us some building. :)
Now that's a nice looking fort!
Then everyone woke up from their naps. While Grady pulled Hadley around (literally, with much giggling going on)...
...the little girls were loving on each other on the rug.
Fun at the piano.
Then they decided to add some drum to the mix. Look at the matching Ken Ebersole tongues on the girls. :)

They were having SO MUCH fun.
And notice Cass in the background (be sure to click on the picture to get the full effect). The look on her face says it all, doesn't it? Hilarious!! "What on earth?!?!?"
Cass: "Um, God...are you sure you put me in the right family?" :)
Taken this morning. The girls just loved this.

Grady and Hadley, in the meantime, were on their way to another city. :)
I had asked Hadley if she wanted me to make her a ponytail. She was looking at me, pondering the notion, when her brother said, "No, I like her hair like that. It's so pretty like that." She then smiled (a 'he thinks i'm pretty' kind of smile; also maybe a 'i would've said yes to the ponytail, but if he likes it this way, that's fine' kind of smile) and that was that. No ponytail today. Cute.
They chose their spot and started to work on going through their bags they'd packed for "their trip." :) And see that house there in the distance?
That will be our house as of mid-December. We are super excited and will be staying there our remaining year that we'll have here in Anapolis. We are so, so grateful that we'll be able to stay here on the seminary's such a GREAT place. We also plan to really make it our home (as in, hang things on walls, etc....we are going to pretend like we will live there forever so as to not drive me completely insane not being able to set up house as has been the case basically since we've been married). We still have to figure out what to do for about a month and a half between the time we have to be out of this house (by Nov. 1st) and when we can move into that house, but we are excited. We are DEFINITELY going to miss this WONDERFUL porch we have here, but as far as the house itself goes, we LOVE it. It has a very open floor plan and is just so darn cute. I'll be sure to show you pics in time (of course you know I will). :)

Speaking of all that, I am off to work on the packing process. (help me Jesus)


Anonymous said...

Happy packing to you! Very neat that you have found another great place to live! I'm excited to see the inside pics of the new house soon! Awesome that you found another house on the seminary! Seems like a really wonderful place to live! We'll be praying that you find a temporary place in the lag time or maybe the owners will let you move into the new place sooner? I know God will provide...He ALWAYS does! I'm happy for you that you get to set up a more permanent home at the new house!

Anonymous said...

That was my post above! I forgot to sign my name (again) before I posted it! Oops! I'm really happy you have a new home waiting on you! Great that you get to stay there for a whole year! How far is the new house from the current porch house?

~ Ali

DyessFam said...

Oh, girl, I'm already praying for your sanity and an extra lot of patience for moving. I feel your pain and wish that I could help somehow. Well, aside from prayer which I know will be a big help. Yeah, anyway..words...they apparently trip me up on occasion! hahahaha

Angela said...

hey Michawn, good to see some pics of Cass.. cant' figure who she looks like , but i like her cheeks! (my baby being a scrawny one i always appreciate pudge on other's babies ) :) i trust your move is quick and organized (let s just pray for a miracle move, like translation or somehting like that)
love ya'll

Kecia said...

Hi!!! I live in Brasil too!!
I am so glad to find someone from another country saying such nice things about mine!!!LOL...
Your kids are gorgeous!Specially Cass!
Deus te abençoe!!Você e sua familia!

Melissa Terry said...

Up late and can't go to sleep...praying for your sweet family. Wish I could make a big batch of brownie mix and let you have a spoon. Word is that's your favorite :) We love you!

AnnaElise said...

You have some of the cutest kids in the world! I could just gobble them up! :) Love ya