Friday, September 05, 2008

She's Growing Up

Guess who has her 1st tooth? It broke through today (bottom right front...her right), but I haven't gotten a picture of it yet. These were taken a couple of weeks ago.

She's just so perfect still. We have been enjoying the fact that she's been sleeping completely through the night as of this week (8PM-7AMish). Nice, right? Hope it lasts.

She's also rolling all over the room now. A crawl is not far in the future I'm thinking. Fun (but crazy...eeesh...another one mobile!). :)

Isn't she pretty?


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!!
Four beautiful children!
Give them all hug and kiss from Aunt Marilyn. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty! Adorable! Don't they grow up too fast!?! I can't believe she is rolling around the room! Enjoy that sweet girl!

~ Ali

kris said...

hw old is she? and yes she is adorable!

kris said...

Hey guys. Joel, I have been trying to call you for like a month. When you call me the number is very weird or shows up as blocked and I usually dont answer. THe number i"ve been calling you at is 978 364 4247 and it does not work. Can you give me a new one and also start emailing me at I check it every day and would love to hear from you...

Anonymous said...

wow! a tooth!
Sofia's not rolling all over, but she is moving. lots of military crawling going on!

Stephanie said...

A tooth? Oh my goodness! Does she bite when you are nursing her? That is a worry of mine since Danny has taken to biting now and then. Not a huge deal now because he is all gums, but might be an issue down the road.

She is so pretty!