Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Friend Mavis

Mavis is my best friend from high school. It's neat because our mothers were also best friends in high school. Crazy, huh?

Mavis is such a great friend. I'm so glad for her. She is doing so good. It's so crazy because people who only look at things in the natural would probably never say that she is doing good. She has gone through some tough things since high school. The difference in Mavis and some of those people who may shake their heads at her and her situation...who may talk about her behind her back and even sometimes to her face...the difference is that she has grown from her experiences. Sadly, those people who shake their heads, many being pew-warmers every time the church doors are open, have never grown a bit with God...they only have "fire insurance." They may even serve at their church, teaching Sunday School or whatever. But, the fruit of their lives shows no growth. So sad. Anyhow, God has done amazing things in Mavis' life. It's sad that people are too busy badmouthing her to ask her about that...they could learn great things about our God from Mavis and could totally be encouraged and challenged in their own walk with Him...I know I am.

I love to talk to Mavis. She is still the same old fun, goofy Mavis that she was in high school, but there is a depth to her that continues to grow. She has amazing faith for what God has called her and her husband to do. Like I said, if you only look in the natural at the current circumstances, you don't see it. To only look at her circumstances would be a bit nearsighted. Thank God Mavis can look beyond that. She is solid in her faith and looking forward to the rest of the amazing testimony she will have, that God will finish in her life. She is believing God for miraculous and mighty things. It is really exciting.

Pray for Mavis and for Eddie, her husband, as they press in to the things God has for them. Eddie has many years of drug addiction to overcome. He has been at Teen Challenge for the past few months and will be "graduating" soon. He has done great things there and God has worked mightily. Eddie's strongest desire is to continue to follow God, to see fulfilled all of the things God has called them to, to be the husband and father to their 4 children that God desires. But, as with any addiction, there are many obstacles to be faced and overcome. Let's believe in him, that he can and will do just that. With God all things are possible. If God be for us, who can be against us? We are more than conquerors in Him. Pray for them, encourage them, have faith for and in them.

I'm excited to see what God is going to do.

Now, some fun pictures of me and Mavis.

In elementary. I think this is 4th grade actually. Oh, those lovely science fairs. This is me (left) and Mavis (right) with our other friend and classmate Mitsy (in the middle). We did this project together...hardly anyone ever does a science fair project about the solar system (that's sarcasm). :) The purple "M" sweater that Mavis has on...we all had one. :)

Jump to senior year. This is in Ms. Linda Fair's class...consumer math.

On our senior trip. We went to Six Flags (Dallas/Ft. Worth area). These were taken in a photo booth at an arcade we went to one of the nights.

On our way back from the senior trip, on the bus. Fun times.

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mitspah said...

Wow, what a blast from the past! The styrofoam planets were just too cool. I guess we could have done something a little more obscure like volcanoes. I remember the sweater, too. The "M" Sisters ROCKED! (Mavis, Michawn, Michelle, and Mitsy).

To Mavis, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Remember "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."