Sunday, March 04, 2007


*Asa's first tooth finally broke through Monday, Feb. 19th...her right bottom front tooth. Her 2nd tooth (left bottom front tooth) came this past Tuesday morning.

*We fed Asa some rice cereal for the first time Tuesday morning. She seemed to enjoy it, even though I made it myself, so I think that it was a little too grainy for her. We then tried just the regular store-bought kind…she is gobbling it up. You know how they say give it to them once a day for a while…yeah, we skipped that part. She’s been eating 3 meals a day since day one. :) And, I am happy to report that she is sleeping better too…woohoo.

*Joel went camping last weekend with 4 friends from college. They had a great time. Where they camped just happened to be not far from Kerville, the home of our sending agency, CTEN. They had some time to kill on Friday, so they drove over to the headquarters and were able to be there and see people we've talked to on the phone face-to-face. Joel said it was a great time and we continue to be so impressed with and thankful for our sending agency.

*While Joel was gone over the weekend (Thursday - Sunday), me and the kids had a great time...busy, but great. Thursday we went grocery shopping.

Friday we went to the library, took a very long walk to the playground with Kiley and Skylar, and Kiley and Skylar came over and played at our house. Daria (the next door neighbor) came over too and they all decorated the concrete with sidewalk chalk...boy were they dirty and tired when they were done with that day.

Saturday we went to the church where me and my cousins (Ariel, Gillian, and Amanda) practiced singing.

Sunday we went to church at Magnolia. It's crazy getting 3 babies (I know that Grady is 3 now, but he is still in diapers and all and still can't dress himself, although in the past few days he is really picking that up...more on that later...but, I still have to get him ready just like I do Asa) ready all by yourself...whew...I didn't stop running through the house for about 3 hours straight. Anyhow, everyone was at Magnolia because Parker got baptized Sunday (CONGRATULATIONS PARKER...WOOHOO!). We sang 2 songs (us girls; in the picture, Ariel is sitting behind the plant playing the piano) and then after church we all went to Lakewood Inn to eat. Then me and the kids headed out. We were meeting up with Joel and our friend Daniel. Daniel lives in the Dallas area but graciously offered to bring Joel as far as he needed to. So, we both drove on I-20 until we met each other...ended up being Lindale which is just west of Tyler, TX. It was a long travel (esp. with the 3 kiddos)...about 9 hours total, but they did great and we finally got back home safely and crashed. Gillian stayed with me every night that Joel was gone which I am very grateful for...we had a great time, although I'm sure she was glad to be in her own bed and able to sleep through the night on Sunday night. :)

*As far as our financial support, we are up to 63% of what we need monthly and 53% of what we need to get there and set up house. Things are moving right along and we are so grateful and so excited. We have actually started going though our belongings and getting rid of what we aren’t taking to Brazil. We also got everything sent off for the kids’ passports the other day…wow…it’s really happening! Crazy.


Ali Elam said...

Asa Rose's first tooth! Wow! She is super cute! So exciting you guys are at 63%. God is really moving you support along FAST! So encouraging! :)

kris said...

congrats, asa!

Pam said...

Michawn,enjoy the here and now to the max for this time too shall pass. I'm so glad you're having family time after all the years you've lived away from dear Saline! So our little baby is growing teeth, was she fussy and drooling till they came through?