Monday, March 12, 2007

Answers To Comments

Mrs. Pam (Joel's mom) asked a couple of questions in the comments of the last post. I just thought I'd answer them in my next here it is.

First of all, yes...Grady's curls got chopped again about a month ago. I usually cut it about twice a year. He got it cut last April, then again in September...then again last month. The curls continue to come back although I don't think they are as ringlet-y these days...and his hair seems to have gotten darker (although this summer it will probably get pretty light again).

Mrs. Pam also asked if the "crazy" picture of Hadley had been her idea or had she been helped. The answer is that she was not helped...her idea. Just thought I'd post some pictures of proof of that...she is very funny.

This is the picture I almost posted in the last post instead of the nose picture. She does this herself...the hat and glasses thing.

This is a picture of her in her "uniform" (as Mama called it). All day Wednesday and Thursday the kids played outside. Hadley wore this (life jacket) the whole day each day except for naptime. She is so funny. I would help her put it on after she brought it to me and she would strut off like she was SO big. I think she truly thinks she is super cool in it. :)

Again, all about the hat and I've said star. Seriously, she wears "disquises" all the funny.

Sharing her hat with Asa.

The other question was about Asa and how she looked like a little chub. She is getting bigger and more filled out. She's always been that way to us, but compared to Joss she's pretty slender. :) No offense Joss...that's a good thing when you are a cute little pudgy baby. Anyhow, I did weigh her the other day and she weighs 15 pounds. Joel measured her the other day too (for passport reasons) and she is 26 inches (Hadley is 34 1/2 inches and Grady 54 inches by the way). Here are a few more pictures of her cuteness though.

O.K., so these are just shoes...but aren't they the cutest little shoes you ever did see? I saw them on a picture of a friend's baby and l.o.v.e.'d them...then saw them at Target one day and had to get them. SO cute.
I gave her a kiss.
Her kissing me back. She will get a big wad of your hair and pull you to her and eat (her kiss...she's not trying to literally eat) your cheek. It's so cute. She is super duper cuddly and affectionate. We've been lucky to get really snuggly kiddos. I like it.
Here she is wearing some pajamas of Hadley's...some that just a couple of months ago still fit Hadley. Actually, they do still fit Hadley even now, except that the pants are a bit too short. Yeah...I think Asa might be catching up to Hadley quickly.


Life en la Casa de Lidia! said...

cute kiddos and cute pictures. You are blessed my friend! I love you

kris said...

joss is not offended.
great pictures. it is fun to see what your kids are in to.
how are the solids? have you started veggies?

Anonymous said...

Hey Michawn -- you guys might want to remeasure Grady (or fix a type-o). Just to be sure I wasn't gonna sound crazy, I measured Parker and he is 54 and 1/4 inches. Don't think sweet little Grady is quite there yet!! Love you all!


Michawn said...

Um, yeah...totally wrong. Grady is 42 inches, not 54. Joel corrected me. Thanks Amanda.