Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Milky Ways For Breakfast

I've gone back to my college/single life eating habits for the past couple of days. Like I wrote in my last post, the kids are away...the mice will play. :) O.K., not exactly how that saying goes. But, yeah...I'd never eat a Milky Way for breakfast with them here. Guess what I ate for macaroni and cheese.

We are super busy and there's no time to cook. Hey, I'm O.K. with Milky Way meals...just for a couple of days anyway. :) I'll be tired of it by tomorrow. But, it's been fun to feel like I'm in college again, if only by what I'm eating.

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Mama said...

Well, it was you that got Granny started on hamburgers for breakfast. That's what you requested when you got to Granny Hough's in the morning. So, naturally that is what you got. Why is that little handicapped sign at the end of the word verification?